Thursday, January 22, 2009

Western Jin Bi Yong monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Western Jin Bi Yong monument, in 1931 unearthed in Luoyang in the eastern suburbs, 15 km, Yanshi County in the rural village north of the original site of the Western Jin Dynasty Imperial College, the preservation of this rural village in East Grand.
  The monument 3.32 meters high, 1.1 meters wide, with a full line Zaocheng stones. Beaulieu V monument there in the first round, the top part of a tablet positive Lishu "Xing Jin Long Emperor three temporary production The crown prince again Sheng Li Delong-hee of the monument "and other words 23. Lishu inscription line 30, line 55 characters, recorded in the Jin Emperor Wu Zhong ma crown prince and Sima Yan Bi Yong visit to inspect the deeds, Beiyin engraved Administration officials too often, Sanji, the teaching staff, Dr. assistant, principal, as Secretary, as well as students who County, surnamed And so on, up to 400 people. The monument Shinzo an Xianning four years (in 278 AD) in October, Beizuo at Imperial College in 1974 to explore the site excavated, with Beishen into one.
  Luoyang Imperial College, was founded in the Eastern Han Dynasty, so the students up to 30,000 people from time to time, until the Western Jin Dynasty, still amounted to more than one person. The monument to the study State education in the Jin Dynasty more than 1600 years ago, students study on the distribution of information is extremely valuable. Jin the milestone Lishu flexible law, may use the pen to write restructuring of the flat, which is the ancient art of calligraphy, is of great value.

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