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Tang Chun Chai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nine in North Korea 45 km west of the ancient capital of Luoyang, a beautiful scenery Shanmingshuixiu place - the iron gate in the town. West Ridge outlined here Xiaoshan, East Hangu control have been thousands of years of history, Chang Tai-yan as "Luo Guan channel." Blue Dragon here, the two Phoenix Hill confrontation, the environment, and a gurgling Jianshui East, the West has long been known as the gate of Luoyang, said. China's only museum epitaph - the national key cultural unit, "Tang thousands of Lent," will be located in the iron gate of the town of Xibei Yu. It is well-known patriotic democrats, Revolution veteran Zhang Fang (F Bo Ying), Mr. home. In the early 1920s, Mr. Zhang Fang lived iron gate, the business landscape and wide mu, Wei Spectacular. You have Yu-Shan Kang Yu-wei, Zhang Fang was invited to the garden, on the book of paintings, Fushi sentiment, the title of "hibernation House."

  Tang thousands of new County Museum of Lent is the uprising of the late Kuomintang generals by Mr. Zhang Fang garden business, "Lu sting" part of our existing Epitaph for a concentration of one of the stone to the West since the collection Wei since ancient stone epitaphs more than 1,400 known. Tang particularly in the areas of the richest, up to 1191. Zhang Binglin have used the ancient title was the amount of seal characters "Tang thousands of Lent," and in the rear Zhuiyoubayu: "Xin Zhang Boying, a 1000 Epitaph Tong Yan San, to name a result of fasting, is a book of Zhang Binglin." Vegetarian origin of the name, Due to this.

  Zhang Fang, Bo Ying words, the elderly, the Friends of the stone. Baoding, quickly graduated from the late Qing Dynasty army school. United League had taken part in the early years, the Revolution is the New Army in Shaanxi during the uprising, one of the main impetus. Dr. Sun Yat-sen launched the campaign law, any Shaanxi Province, Zhang Jing, deputy armed forces commander-in-chief. In the 1930s, successive People's revolutionary army commander-in-chief Route 20, Deputy Chairman of the provincial government and civil affairs, director of construction, such as the post. War of Liberation, he told the peaceful liberation of Sichuan to do some useful work by the end of 1949 uprising in Chengdu. After the liberation, Zhang Fang was the second session of the CPPCC National Committee members. May 1966 died of illness in Beijing Zhang Fang had very fond of calligraphy and painting stone, and Yu Yu, Zhang Binglin, Kang Yu-wei, Wang Qing exchanges more closely. In their impact, especially in the encouragement of Yu Yu-jen, in 1931, she began collecting a broad stone epitaphs, and stele and, stone, transported to his native place one after another iron gate in the town. 1933 In the before and after the "sting House," corner of the West, the provision of land for Lent, Law Chi-Chi from most of the stone mosaic in the 15-hole cave and courtyard of the three and a corridor in the intramural wall. Its not part of the mosaic, with the exception of transportation during the War of Resistance Against Japan in Shaanxi Museum of Shaanxi Province to donate a few hundred pieces, after turmoil, a lot of loss. According to 1935 from West Indian agency to issue the cold, "Tang Chun Chai Cangdan directory" contained a total of 1578. Lent is still within the various Cangdan 1419, a Western Jin Zhi, Wei North 2, Suizhi 2, 1191 Tang, the Five Dynasties Zhi 22, 88 Song and Yuan Zhi-an, Ming 30 Pieces, Kiyoshi 2, the 7, and still be covered Epitaph 19, as well as other types of calligraphy, paintings, statues, Jing Zhuang, 54 stele, and so on.
  These are rock-Zhi Fang Zhang from all over the country, mainly collected from the vicinity of Luoyang. Nine North Korea claims to be the ancient capital of Luoyang, is the human cultures meet. North Mangshan Mountain, stretching things Km, powerful remote, thick soil with low water, suitable for burial, the history VIPs, well-off businessmen, are superstitious Mangshan Shan Feng Shui for the treasure, and even as far away as southern Saibei people died, also told people later, not far from Trinidad, North Mangshan funeral. Therefore, non-circulating "Jervois was born, buried in North Mangshan" said that "North Mangshan In the first few free soil, full of old tomb in Luoyang people "(see Wang," North Mangshan ").

  It is also rich in these graves, induced by the prevailing winds Raider, Raider is more important than those who looted a sacrificial object, the heavy stone-chi are very few, lost more civil. The late Qing Xiu Longhai Railway Line Mangshan take the foot of the hill, the stone was unearthed Chi Tian She placed civil. Zhang Fang see, Souqiu widely, the provision of land for fasting, properly preserved because of their prior agreement with Yu Yu, a Tang Wei and Zhang attributed to, keep thousands of Tang Tang Chai become the country's most treasured Focus.

  Tang Chun Tang possession of the fasting since last Takenori, Zhenguan, Tang Li, China Up to late Tang Dynasty, including the Gai Yuan Wu, An Lushan, the number of illegal structures, not without preparation. Chi master in his capacity as one of the ministers have great country phase Tai Yu, the emperor of the land-Feng Jiang Gui Qi, one of the top Fanzhendali, functional to defend the territory of the provincial governor Prefecture, officials of the micro-Bei Zhi Wei Cao Mexican Senate; there are people swimming Department of Landscape Architecture Celebrities, Wu Mei Zen Siguan the main hole, and was locked inside the palace, miserable life, I do not know the names of death, country of origin, the color Gonge women. Epitaph records of these kinds of characters and their social activities, it can make a stone of the Tang Dynasty look at these words at the time for us to study the social, political, economic, military, cultural, diplomatic and so on Situation has been extremely difficult to provide valuable information on the history of cards to play, the correct history, make up an important role in the history.

  "House hibernate" and reads, "Hong listen to the reading room painting" The couplets are Kang Yu-wei Shan Yu Yu-off places when they wrote the iron gate, and the cabinet room stone house banners for the Gaotu Luo Zhenyu, a former Henan Museum Director of the The title of a hundred benefits; Tang Chun-ching for the joint lobby vegetarian Hanlin degree Wellingborough Song writing, door-shik comparative IEC for the Alliance by Zhang Renjie book. They all look the inscriptions are filled, ZhuoYi style, with local records containing art studio making the other more beautiful and attractive.

  Tang thousands of Lent is a national key cultural unit, in recent years, after Finishing off repairs, attracted many domestic and foreign experts and scholars, politicians, celebrities, as well as calligraphy lovers are attracted to travel, it has become not only overseas visitors were looking for the roots of "Secrets of the Millennium", who is also a historian Don study of a "quiet - Labyrinth. " Thousands of newly moved to the Northern Wei Tang Chai caves have attracted domestic and foreign capital .

  Luoyang is located in the Central Plains, ancient scholars for the cultures meet. Shan Wei Yi Mangshan this powerful, low soil water suitable for thicker funeral, the ancient imperial phase will be, well-off businessmen, are superstitious North Mangshan Feng Shui for the treasure, buried more than Mangshan Yamashita, the non-"born in Jervois, buried in North Mangshan "said. As a result, "a small hill north Mangshan Turkey, said to be one of the old tomb in Luoyang, "" North Mangshan Woniu no place ", and has become a vast concentration of the burial area. With the end of the Qing dynasty since the Raider and other natural causes, buried in the tomb unearthed many stone-chi , Mr. Zhang Fang in the 1930s large-scale collection, a collection of nearly northbound Mangshan Shi Zhi unearthed more than 80% for me State to preserve a large number of valuable national treasures.

  Keman an epitaph is written Qingshi square, a thin piece of stone describes the descent of the deceased Grand, life experience, male spouses, when they finally buried, and then buried in the tomb of the deceased inside. One long and glorious life, one cold and Jiang Ping Life, have been condensed into a transparent film, displayed here. Have been pointing the land, once the history issue so that the bright spot, has been shaking the pen-sheng Chu scholars have decapitated the samurai, eating vegetables instead of meat or the Buddhist monks or priests of the four-party travel far and wide, are a form of Walked into the tunnel of time , Tang thousands of Lent is the final destination.

  Tang Chun Tong Yan Chai possession of the Epitaph from the Early Takenori Zhenguan years, the Later Tang Dynasty to the resumption of days, only in God, all 300 of the year, not without preparation; chi master in his capacity as the country self-Tai Yu Prefecture to the provincial governor, the Department celebrities with disabilities , Gong E talented woman, miscellaneous people, all-encompassing Tong Yan San Epitaph records of these kinds of social activities for the study of the Tang Dynasty Wenzhiwugong provided a rare kind of information, evidence is history, the history correct, make up the history of the important support, not only can be seen as a Tang Dynasty stone, but also that Tong Yan was on Archives; Langhammer is also a study of Tong Yan San articles, information on the art of calligraphy Treasury, it is also known as "the evolution of the history of calligraphy of the Tang Dynasty," "Grand Tang prose."

  In addition, thousands of Lent Tang also has a collection of ancient calligraphy and painting all Dong Qichang, Zheng Banqiao, Mi Fu, Liu Tong, Jin Ren Wang Duo, as well as Kang Yu-wei, Chang Tai-yan, Yu Yu-jen, and other written stone.

  Tang thousands into the studio, you Was a strong culture of the infection, and a heavy long history here of the time was buried by loess, deposited as a silent masterpiece, but also demonstrate in front of us. This exquisite look at the visible amber, trance Datang tour fighting the fighting continued to battle each other and dance Shengge string of extravagant vanity chaos. Ancestors The wisdom of giving the turbid and deep sigh tearful eyes, so that you look into the depths of history, was unexpected by the soul-stirring sentiment! When you can not help touching it to the cold and silent Shi-chi, your heart may suddenly be surprised, because you really touched by the beating of Tong Yan San pulse.

  This It is a dream garden.

  When you from the path of history out, walk in the quiet Shu-Ying Huang, Jade on the gravel, you might like to have a Zen feel, this gives a strong implication of the cultural landscape of endless charm. If you are approached with the century-old stone house relative of bamboo, you will see it Cang Positive and eight Chinese characters of "non-passers-by who spent the owner is." Softly chanting one, the Cold and miserable, and passers-by flowers, wind and wind Jianqi faint fragrance, and in the hearts of Yilue, look back over that wall Jianqi and light fragrance, in the minds of Yilue by. That, with hindsight Man Chi-wall rock and video insects flowers and trees, you suddenly realize Buddhism in general and charitable serene.

  With the development of the times, thousands of Tang's studio to its rich history and precious calligraphy art, in the long river of human history, their great role to play.

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