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Famen Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fufeng county seat is located in Baoji City, 10 km north of the key to the town, about 120 kilometers away from Xi'an, is a long history of the Buddhist temple. Famen Temple was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the legend of India Ashoka In order to carry forward Buddhism, the Buddha relic will be sent to various parts Service who have a bone pagoda dedicated to the construction, is the Famen Temple One of the largest and is a.

  Famen Temple, the relic home and tower, tower and as a result of Jiansi. Ashoka formerly known as Temple, known as the Sui Dynasty "is as gym," Early Tang Dynasty renamed the Famen Temple. Early Tang Dynasty and Yuan Wei monasteries have been expanding, Tang Qing Emperor significant years Xiu Gui Gong Lin round-house, building a very spectacular. Tower of the original customs "St. graves." Tang Zhenguan turned into a four-year period Wooden Pagoda, three Qing Ming-Lung (1569) Wooden Pagoda collapsed, Li million in 2007 to 37 years to build 13 Zhuanta octahedron, 47 meters high, 11-year-ching Junji (1654) as a result of the earthquake-tower tilted cracks in the Republic of China at the end of 28 years (1939) General Zhu Bridge Capital repair the pagoda, on August 24, 1981 as a result of continuous Yin Yu Pagoda collapsed.

  Famen Temple in China's ancient settlement Fogu Buddha relic of the famous temple. Famen Temple was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the temple tower built as a result. Famen Temple Tower, as a result of a funeral of a Buddha finger bone which got its name, the Famen Temple Tower Temple "in the customs of their ancestors Tamiao" reputation.

  Temple is now restored, in strict accordance with the original built in the Ming Dynasty Zhuanta. In addition to the palace unearthed in Famen Temple Buddha finger relic, but also have gold and silver utensils unearthed 121, 20-glazed glass, porcelain 16, 12 stone tools, ironware 16, Qi Mu-1 Pieces of jade, gems and about 400, more than 700 pieces of silk goods.

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