Sunday, December 7, 2008

Swiss Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanming City in the north-west of the town of Chen, 14 km from the city center, due to wind around the mountains are often named Choi. Scenic area of 10 square kilometers, the highest 1249.8 meters above sea level, into a unique volcanic landscape and rich evergreen broad-leaved forest landscape as a whole, the main tourist attractions are Rui Yun-dong, Bian Fudong, gold-longevity , The immortal pool, Triassic rocks, Ma Feng, and so on. The third provincial-level scenic spots.

  Ruiyun hole, hole 30 meters deep, 61 meters wide, 4 meters high, such as lion-shaped mouth opening. Dong Ding, such as covered pines, gurgling water, such as beads, such as screens, suspended all the year round hole. Shek Pik, such as cut holes, Song Cliff has a number of stone , Which?????(1736 ~ 1795) to monitor the official Yu Shi Zhi Han at this time to teach the Inscription of "tolerance", and "people in the jade stone in the possession of visitors from every hole Zhulian" couplet. According to a rock in the Song Dynasty, founded in the 5-room wooden structure temple for the Buddha Road, and were the gods in a local, incense peak Since the Ming Dynasty frequent repairs. -Rock Hill Gate was built before the Kangxi period (1662 ~ 1722), inscribed on the "Rui Yun-dong," the words. Hill's single-arch stone bridge in front of Ming's, rustic style.


  Northeast hole, and the Mountain Gate, one old, tall and straight vigorous, under the shade Jian Circled, call Stephen longevity. Stephen next to Wu Ming-hong-year period (1368 ~ 1398) Inscription visitors "from Yuquan waterfall." Southwest has good fortune-hole mini Yi Xiantian, a fish pond view of the landscape, and so on. Scenic areas within verdant trees, plants, 31 types of Section 192 kinds. Guteng mountain is covered with soft vigorous efforts, such as the flying dragon and snake respectively, more meandering For a major feature of the area.


  Yi Yinian before the area was formed in the Early Cretaceous volcanic eruption, peak-show, Qiao Shi, the ancient temple, Shigeru Goto, better than the quiet mountain valley. Crater formed by the accumulation of natural called the Big Buddha of the Chinese, and Ma Yan, General Teng, Butterfly Valley, volcanic rock, God Beacon, Rui Yunfei waterfall, mountain scenic spots, such as suspension. The mosaic volcanic cave on the ancient temples of the Millennium Rui Yun Temple, Buddhism and Taoism were home, magic shows and lucky ... ...

  First-class area of the ecological environment, the average annual temperature of 18-19 ?, with the winter cold and summer heat without, Four Seasons Travel Safe. Vegetation Cover rate of 95%, 70 woody plants are more than 400 kinds of Section 210, the type of herb and more than 1000 kinds of ferns, the state primary and secondary protection of plants Cephalotaxus, such as the Golden Dog, scenic areas or plants C.szechuanensis living fossil of the original habitat, is listed as the provincial plant protection zone, the world's plant expert At this study. Into the forest, accompanied by singing Chong Ming, falling butterflies, particularly fresh Jingya ... ...

Traffic is very convenient area, since the high-speed drive through just 10 minutes, and the new green tourist spots every 15 minutes for a round-trip flights, and the wireless signal coverage throughout the area. The New Penny Recreation Area, Ruiyun Villa Park Recreation Rui Yun-food, housing and entertainment into one, tourism, leisure, entertainment and an ideal place.

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