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Western-funded Stone Buddha Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Golden Temple located in the capital of the West Town ASPire the mountains, was established in Shaoxing Song 18 (1148). According to the temple cliff carving Nyorai, Kwun Yam, to three potential Thie Buddha, standing Buddha, standing 4.5 meters, 1.62 meters wide, micro-down attitude, wonderful shape, the stone cliffs Sihou "Stephen victory over the South," the fourth, a single provincial heritage .

  Cai Chinese temples are for the rehabilitation of oil in 1935, using reinforced concrete structure Fangmu construction process by the five-room deep into the second Danyan hard Qiandian the top five three-room Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan deep into the hall and the courtyard on both sides of the long Up to 10 meters veranda of the composition of the gallery. Layout of the plane was "with" shaped, tall Xuan , Magnificent momentum.

  Qiandian three doors, the important question in the door "to the ancient capital of the West" four Kaizi is Ju Ren Qing Guang Xu Cai wrote jen Valley; the door to the crown in the first couplet, "Schiff land thousands of years, things of Health-funded spending Metta" is Cai Defang light examination by title. Shek Kwu a big door Diaolou Chi-lung, flowers; big door You Long relief, a tiger show; stone wall around the block relief Lin, Feng, turtle, crane; all absolutely fine, old buildings reflect the Taiwanese Coincidentally, the United States, show that Blair's style. Li inside the door of a shrine, a positive for the Maitreya, the Buddha behind for Weituo. Veranda of the two for four kings, the veranda of the West put up three successive rehabilitation of stone, embedded veranda East Daoguangnianjian rehabilitation of steles.

  West Temple hall Dianding funding of up to 11 meters, Zhong Yan containing between 3 m high mesh screen fan, so that the hall particularly Long Xuan Hong Chang. Dian Qian Li with a melon-shaped granite-Leng Sai-chu, Chu opera Beaulieu relief column, Shuo-long body length, the correction was natural posture walk, a dragon in the middle of the first, to be spit Yang , The sturdy Alondra shows and vigorous efforts, is to stay on the matter before the Ming Dynasty.

  Main Hall stands in a well-known South-chuen, 3 large stone. 3 stone wall in the mountains is to use natural rock Diaozao out of the Legislative Yuan Diao like. Buddha in the middle, standing 4.50 meters, 1.62 meters wide, stand barefoot Seat; Buddha slightly forward, even rocks back and head Luo Ji, full face, the amount of good fortune in the mole, thick lips Yi-feng, with shoulder-length spaniel, and deep-Ci and expression; Cristaria dressed in a concise and fluent Kuanxiu Sha, right chest bare, his left-chest move up a small lotus, bare right hand down before; Angiopteris Yang-double with a single step, high-0 95 m, sculpture neat and beautiful. Zuopang for the Guanyin Buddha, as 4 meters high, Gao Ji head, looks dignified and kind-hearted, there is floriation lobe, to drop his right hand thumb and little finger and ring finger Aquarius folder; left Dangxiong fillip for-like. Bao Luo Ying linked to breast string, run-sleeve lace, fine Diaolou. Buddha on the right-li To the potential, attitude clothing Great minds think Guanyin, looking serious and stable, the tactic came down the left hand, right hand on the move Shi said China and India. Dashi Zhi Yin with a single step with the Mid slightly lower, only 0.76 meters, below the Mid tide patterns cut out, the statue after the first round Juan Kuang Wen and clouds. Big Buddha on both sides of the stone warrior there.

  Ming Dynasty In the seclusion of Jurists Caiding "Ji Jie Cai Yi," Temple built on the west side of a three-room three-deep out of our predecessors, "Mr. Cai Temple incompetent", is man-made, built to commemorate the special Caiding temple, the temple hanging in there "National Division" important and one from his altar. Incompetence across the stone temple is a small hill on the concept of e-kiosks; too incompetent to West Temple Jian small, rugged rocks of a problem between the amount of "Baiyi'an" exquisite temple, the temple in the mountains on a stone engrave a 1-meter-high ride carp audio-visual concept.

  Gao Fu Tung Tai Buddhist temple, and Zhu Temple, the Hall of basalt, Yan Wangdian a view of the temple. Who buy them, people have realized from the ancient cliff above inscribed " South wins over "the mood.

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