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Wu Shan (Good Hill-san, WU Yue) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Shan Shan, formerly known better, also known as san, WU Yue, is located in Baoji City, County Baoji Jiexiang Kawamura northwest of the temple. Qianlong, "Albrecht repair Shaanxi Annals" Hua Shan, as a Wushan Mountain in Shaanxi Juanshou out in the drawing. Mountains, which rise amid continuous, 17. Among them, the town of Xifeng, Feng-yin, should Ling-feng, Wang Feng and the emperor's carriage will be the most Sianfong 000. The town is located in Xifeng other four peaks, while the British show alone, Zhu Feng Zhi-out, the Wushan seen as the main peak, the imperial dynasties Cifeng of Wushan, that this peak. Tai-yin, located in the town of Xifeng Zhi Zuo-Feng, Qiao Ning-day play, Xiuba processes, natural production of Su-shaped arch, the largest in the name of Feng-yin. Right there are four mountain peaks. Ling-feng should be in the town of Xifeng Right. Feng under the pool, value-year-old Tian Han, the villagers pray for rain here, and people often come true. There are two left-Feng Xiao-feng, a right-feng. Sianfong will be at the peak of Southern soul, Pinnacle range upon range of hills, Lin You-deep quiet and elegant, from time to time Gao Yi, Yu habitat here, will be named Sally. North Peak has a small peak in the south there are four small peaks. Wang Feng emperor's carriage at the peak of large-yin , Peaks Show, if the North-Gu, as if hoping for some, the emperor's carriage named Wang, left a few small peaks.

  U San Shwe since then, there are a number of construction is to facilitate the Jisao imperial dynasties built. These construction to Wu Yue Miao-based, is a characteristic of the ancient buildings. Wu Yue Miao Mountains in the next 2 kilometers. Temple Row upon row, the towering dignified. Suikai Huang Temple was built in 16 years, the splendid palace construction are also quite spectacular. WU Yue Chudo statue of the temple sat civil and military unification minister hand-held plate, stood on either side. The statue figures, such as Xu-xu. Shan Tao in front of the horse, Majiao upright, Siti to save animals and Malta short jump To jump off. The door of the temple There are two sit side of the lion, dragon two cast iron flagpole to the top side fighting a two-story, four vertical and four small iron flag down the iron railings of the four. The temple construction in two parts, Eastern Hospital have Lianchi Bamboo, the imperial house of the West Museum. U San Yu Xiang Ting also, Yang Zhi-ting, Ting Shu Yu, Zhen-Yi Ting, Ting Xiao, and Wang Hai Ting, Pearl Niangniang temple construction, and so on Alice Shu Yu-ting next to the stream, and under considerable Zhixie Falls. Xiao-ting on the Moon for the first Sanin. Hai Ting Wang, Qin Chuan 10,000 ares ocean view. There are 38, there were 72 Division curtain on video. Tianzhu plug, Wu is a beauty.

  Wu Luan Yamaoka Saga, tall and straight Shi Feng, Xifeng town, Feng Yin, Ling should peak (peak elevation of 1841.9 meters), will Sianfong, the emperor's carriage Wang Feng Gao Jun Xiuyi the most, that is, the history of reputation, "Wufeng Tingxiu." Li Yuan Road, "Shui Jing Zhu," said the Mountain "show stacked sky, Love collapse back to the dump, to defend the peak phase, often off the power of hope."

  From the week Starting on the Wushan as a town west of the country, 16 years Suikai Huang (AD 596 years) to start the establishment of Wu Shan Temple. After the history of Emperor Wu of God constantly sealed, under the Wushan Mountains are also increasing the size of the temple. Before the liberation, the only temple on the stone floor of the 150-up. Wu Shan board, Qi scene between Diego Health, Health is not closed. From the foot of the hill west of the town of Wushan the beginning of the temple, along the River into a mountain, followed the king is teacher Ridge, Beacon Hill, heaven and earth furrows, and one day the door, the town of West Qiushui Ling, Shi Hui Xin, Can Xia Dong, acupuncture Yama , Magistrate pool, cliffs Pa hand, the Jade Emperor Qiushui, real-dong, Jinping, a small Jinping, and so on more than 40 scenic spots. In particular Should be under the peak, "Yang Ya water", linked to trickle in more than meter-high cliffs, Fei Xie drift, wind-Chu, Yu Jing-seekers can explore the "Fei Yu-Ching."

  Today, Wu Shan, the most ancient tablets and looting destroyed not from the West, Wu Shan temple in the town house down the remaining Ming and Qing era of the clock can be seen The Temple Guanjia former glory. Shek Pik on the mountain, still the ancients carved Mount "root rain cloud clock", "Ting Chui Wufeng" several Yanke. In recent years, some of the Taoist view of hole to start rehabilitation, the state approved the establishment of Wu Shan Forest Park, opening to the outside world has to accept friends from all walks of life Tourism.

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