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Jiucheng Gong site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiucheng Gong site - located in the city of Baoji City Linyou County, with the summer heat, cool and pleasant climate. Jiucheng Gong is located in the waters north of the Du Tiantai Mountain, East impaired bare hill, west Phoenix Mountain in the south have Shijiu Hill, according to Bristol City, North Hills, is still one green mountains and blue waters, beautiful scenery beautiful. Jiucheng Gong was founded in Wong Kai-Sui Wendi Started three years by the name of "Renshou Palace," Tang Zhenguan five-year extension of repair, changed its name to "Jiucheng Gong," "90" means "Nine" or "nine", the statement tall.

  Jiucheng Gong was founded in Sui Wendi Wong opened 13 years (in 593 AD) in February and be completed in 15 years Suikai Huang (AD 59 Year) in March, the beginning of the name of "Renshou Palace," is detached palace of Emperor. Zhenguan five years, Tang (AD 631 years) to repair the expansion, changed its name to "Jiucheng Gong," "90" means "Nine" or "nine", the statement tall. Tang Emperor, he was renamed as the "Palace million years", meaning and Wan Yi, Hui and then Original name.

  Sui and Tang Dynasties period of the grand building Jiucheng Gong, Zhou Yuan 1,800 multi-step, has extended Fook built, Pai-yun, Yu Yong, Xianheng, Guinness, Wing, Xiao Dan, and other large-scale palace. Now still Fengtai, Tang will be Taiwan, dresser, Liquan, Tang wells, Peng, and other official sites.

  Science Survey excavations and a series of inspections confirmed that the Tiantai Mountain Linyou Jiucheng Gong is the main peak of the large-scale buildings. A large-scale excavation of the palace has 10 multiple sites. South Tiantai Mountain dig out the gallery aisle 3, in which two 12 meters wide, a width 9 m, connected with the court. Temple to the north of the site, found that Du shore water swim Terminal sites, we can see when there are Jiucheng Gong in inland sea, ships and pleasure craft.

  The early years of the Tang Dynasty, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty as a result of Nanzhengbeizhan and broken down from constant overwork, Qun Chen proposed detached palace built in order to avoid Yan Shu. King decided to palace life Suiren-based, to repair and renamed Jiucheng Gong. Zhenguan from six to 18 years, King had been 5 degrees to more Jiucheng Gong.

  Linyou county 163 km east of Xi'an, Baoji 133 km north, when the Guanzhong Plain in the hot summer period, Linyou still cool and pleasant. According to an annual test of the hottest in July, where the average temperature of 21.8 degrees only. Jiucheng Gong in China to explore further She will attract an increasing number of visitors to Cuba Linyou summer.

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