Sunday, December 7, 2008

Old river rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ten days he is one of the largest tributary of the Han River, originate in the abdomen Qinling mountains, the perennial water is relatively stable, clear water, or relieve or urgency, the twists and turns, a lot of pools on the beach, very appropriate to do water rafting activities. River rafting in the election of cross-strait scenic Qing Ni Wan Tai Chi to wish the city outside Seoul generous at the Avenue Recreation Center embankment paragraph Tai Chi is an important city of tourism projects with a total length of 12km, more dangerous shoals on the way, more white water, drifting both during the stimulation and romance.

  Xunyang Xian is located in the city due north of the river named after ten days, ten days the river water and the beltway, with the mountains room, a wide surface, in the river bed around the big stone, there are many dangerous rapids . A group of four or five people each, sitting at 15 rubber boats to drift down to the river. As the river too, and more stones in the water, the first turn on the dangerous shoals of six boats, sparking laughter and a voice cried out in alarm. As the river here short, it did not appear too dangerous. One does not feel dangerous shoals fun, and even carry a To drift back to another time.

  Drifting to a more open water, the use of the kayak first start playing Shuizhang provocation. All of a sudden, in the mobilization, among the boat engaged in a fierce battle, water splash in the market, shouting into a sound call. Only those who participated in the fighting with all Latang Ji, the scene Dai's Songkran in Asia. Shuizhang drift almost all the way to fight all the way, the result is called for the suspension, with the bow to concede defeat, peaceful co-existence, the exhausted and trampled. Fighting just to name a few interesting, if not yet the end of drift, then the fighting will be many exciting scenes.

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