Sunday, December 7, 2008

Red River Valley Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Town business district located in the river valley in the territory, Taibai Mountain peak at the northern foot, 120 kilometers away from Xi'an, Room 60 kilometers chicken in Westwood Chang Xing exports to the highway, Westwood Village, Hedi Meixian County line south to the junction, the specific direction Has prompted signpost. Into the park from the board under the Temple 26 km, and the formation of Taibai National Forest Park Central Tourism, Hill and Westwood may be outside the regular high-speed Xing, Bao-South lines connected.

  Deng river valley is one of the Taibai Mountain Road, Park has been the development of the four spots, 80 at various spots. Admission to see the quiet temple, a significant hole Temple, Yu Huangge, Kwun Yam cliffs and so on religious and cultural monuments. Qinling Mountain Park has a typical landscape Zheng, forming a quiet, odd-jun, the show's landscape. Park steep mountains, deep Shek, including Valley show, pit Fei Bao, Chu Yu-fei splash, the changing landscape. Tai Gong distant ancient stone vessels, two-hole curtain mysteriously, as people gather Qunxian show, turtle eggs Bao wonderful story of people lingering aftertaste. Beaulieu Bay, winding streets Chuan Lin wading, do not have a life. Doo-grand mother falls momentum from the bucket and pouring Qi, a vertical drop more than 80 meters, Shaanxi can be the first waterfall. Zhao Kuangyin legend, when the good life Jian, the group flooded the poor, viewing tour Fortunately, this is the genuine worship, Shilaiyunzhuan, Reign Again, proclaim oneself emperor ascended the throne, said Fukuzawa here for the land. Xiantao Curtain, Feihong Yu-zhu, Shek Mun Valley, landscape Yi Li has embraced staggered.

  Taibai Mountain Park has a unique unusual landscape of the Quaternary glacier remains, do not have to climb Glacier Shi Shan able to see the strange. Eight Taibai Park can watch the "Red River Danya," "Doo-feng sent home" and "safe sea of clouds, and eight Guanzhong One of the "Snow the Taibai" scenic spots.

  Taibai Mountain by cableway to enjoy the unique Taibai Mountain high, the mysterious Lake cirque, pulling extremely Sally's Song Wei, Ji four vast glaciers.

  Qinling Mountains because of the unique geographical location, population, formed from the park 800 meters above sea level to 3666.6 The peak of diverse plant and animal species, rich in forest vegetation, the vertical distribution of the band obviously Qitesenlin landscape, the transcripts for the "gene pool of animals and plants." State of rare animals and plants more than 30, is the scientific study and research as a base.

  Red River Valley Resort was built in the Park 6.6 km, Department mountains, streams around two-and shade trees. Unique wooden villas, tree-hugging cluster Yamahana, the negative ions of oxygen-rich, is an ideal tourism, the Holy Land vacation.

  Red River Valley Resort reception of the existing 300 bed sheets, the formation of a food, housing and entertainment of the one-stop service system. The river valley You Scenery, excellent service, welcome to your visit.

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