Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dien Antananarivo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the well-being in the urban areas in the eastern 6 km, Huang Yanghe attack convergence of the Han River and the formation of the steep rock ---- eight public Yan Ding, stand the imposing momentum of Dien Antananarivo. It was built in 1917, seven sub-tower, about 30 meters high, along the West side, the first tier of the urban area is a hole above the Shihmen embedded Qingshi inscribed "Dien Tap the "regular script reads. Natori tower," Kang Chang-Yong, Acer lay "means. It is said that in order to build the tower in the town to gas well with Golden State helenahat. ?? ?? through the staircase tower, visitors can climb level. Above six-storey four - Are round or arched openings left, the Quartet can enjoy different scenery. In the The four-storey tower surrounded by ceramic wall also set to fight the "smart Bo Hou, in the column Tianyi, Yong Dian well, solid-hole of" regular script of 16 characters. Top, colorful Angiopteris, seat two 3000 re-jin's Ball. Dien Antananarivo seven cornices are decorated with stone reliefs, a clear pattern, different images, most of the top flight However, wings extended, the Youth Pre-employment Training Lingyun great force. ?? ?? Dien too Antananarivo, standing proudly in the high and steep rock above the mighty sacred, as if like a Monty, in the well-being faithfully guarded the door to the East. On the board can enjoy Lvshuiqingshan, Taying sky. River flow between the boat flies, and crowded urban areas over time scales High-rise panoramic view can be described as "unlimited land King, a Poly Tower."

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