Sunday, December 7, 2008

C.kawakamii Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Sanming City, 30 km southwest of the mouth floor, the source of small Xin Village. Area of 1.41 million mu, the total timber reserves of 210,000 cubic meters, of which C.kawakamii accounted for more than 80%, is the world's largest natural forest Castanopsis. 100 years ago, the United Kingdom have a last name of the grid in Sanming Forestry experts found this Castanopsis forest, home Devoted to the author, was named a result C.kawakamii. C.kawakamii Department of rare trees, also known as the Green Castanopsis hook, known as the "red Ke." Evergreen trees and dense canopy, the yellow; solid material, as well as the texture, corrosion-resistant, high-end furniture for the shipbuilding and quality of materials; system can bark extract; its starch-containing fruit, sweet Food, "small chestnut." Castanopsis natural forests more than 200 years ago, the average height 26 meters. The protection of the region are associated Zhang, Nan, Sassafras, Bai Jian, Huang Qi, Huang Chu, Cinnamon Hill, and other Section 24 is more than 50 kinds of trees, 34, and sambar, flying squirrels, black bear, pangolin and white pheasant, chicken feet, and other fly Animals. C.kawakamii Forest Park Village has, there are restaurants, guest rooms and meeting rooms, Castanopsis forest scattered more than a dozen "castles in the air" (Yuanyang Building).

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