Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sally Mt - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mt Sin (also known as two-Tiaojishan): vest in the urban areas in the town, when the Southern and Northern Dynasties (AD 480-520 years) as a result of worship, "Ho nine cents" and were "unique attractions throughout Fujian, Penglai extremely significant nine cents" Reputation. There are mountains Faerie Bridge, Sally Wells, Xian traces feet, Sin Sin tea board, Sally Court row, snow in your two-bun, the Netherlands and India Tam , And other scenic spots, as well as the Song Zhu Xi, Wang Peng and Zhang Rui in the Ming Dynasty map, and other ancient writers left by the poet Cliff stone.

  When the Southern and Northern Dynasties (480-502 AD). Ceremony as a result of "Sin Ho nine", the main peak of 758.5 meters with a total area of 13.68 square kilometers. Mt cents magnificent momentum, Cliffs rise steeply, the wind around the clouds, Lin You-track song, with Cui Yan Ning, beautiful scenery, with a large number of Siyutingxie, heritage and fascinating legends; "Ling, extraordinary show, and dangerous" for the feature. Mt cents natural landscape and human landscape add radiance to each other, is a collection of religious pilgrimage, sightseeing, entertainment, and repair school holiday in one Scenic win Area 000.

  "Places Fujian unique habitats, Penglai extremely significant nine cents" reputation. Mt cents spots by the two-bun religious and cultural scenic spots, Wu Yang-En leisure and cultural areas, scenic spots and cultural customs vest, vest subtropical flora and fauna park to watch the Netherlands Lake Recreation Resort composed of five scenic spots. There Fengshan , White Rock, the Court into the air, Faerie Bridge, Sally Wells, Xian traces of Sally board, tea cents, Pai Kok Sin, two-lady bun, the Netherlands and India on Tan, Sally public scenic spots, such as Penglai, and Zhu Xi in the Song Dynasty, Wang Peng, Figure Zhang Rui Ming Dynasty poet, and other ancient writers left Cliff stone.

  In recent years, the public and Sally Hill Scenic Spot Li Department is committed to tourism planning, development and construction, to raise money to repair Pavilion Temple, the winding road building, to set up a cable car in the air, improve the tourism infrastructure and services and entertainment facilities, so that the more famous wonderful. Xiushan of Fujian has become a tourist destination. On mountains, seeking Lansheng, a cable car ride, Jiang Ji Mu-day The extremely beautiful scenery and volley, stay days, the people in Wonderland Rulin, relaxed and happy and away. Fujian's famous Mt cents, to the unique "is a true Faerie" and "Shusheng state 'to meet with Chinese and foreign tourists.

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