Sunday, December 7, 2008

Arrow, including Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Arrow Ridge is located in Qishan county, including 30 kilometers north-west, more than 1600 meters above sea level. The two mountain-qi, the confrontation between the two peaks, including Rujian shape, and therefore its name. According to records, including an arrow to Qishan is named after the ridge. Chengkungling Conglong vegetation, cliff Calocedrus, Niaoquetiming, go red, do not have a quiet Wild. Cliff Ridge engraved with There are wonders of the North Lady Lake, floating off the "text, and so on.

  Qishan famous Chinese and foreign, as early as the 16th century, Japan, Oda Nobunaga on the very well-known generals have a strong admiration for China's Zhou Dynasty Emperor Wen, according to Wang Qishan and the reunification of the great world, so will be occupied by "well-head" was renamed "Gifu." 1987 , The mayor of Gifu Japan and other officials have repeatedly made a special trip to the region to explore during this week of the original history, when the Japanese guests, including Ling arrow to see that wind around the clouds, the mysterious beauty of the scene, sent bursts of praise, linger Pleasant. Arrow now has become a ridge, including Chinese and foreign visitors set foot in the resort.

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