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Taibai National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taibai Mountain - recline in Baoji Meixian, Taebaek, Xian County 3 weeks. Peak due to snow, silver in all directions, so Taibai said. It is the Trans-Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi Province of the main peak, 3767 meters above sea level and is also the peak of Qinling Mountains. As early as the Taibai Mountain, the poet Li Bai, Du Fu, Liu, Han Yu, Su Shi Yu has been here, wrote a famous poem. Old Taibai Mountain on July 1 for the temple, during this time, the foot of the mountain, visitors can not. "Taibai June snow days" is one of the eight Guanzhong.

  Taibai Mountain from the main body of large-scale granite, geologists call "Taibai granite." White granite in the long geological history of the development, after several changes in the structure, faults, is joint development, they shared the role of various external forces, the shape of today Taibai Mountain Qi Lin, the lofty mountain of risk, odd scene. Taibai Mountain High Mountain has retained complete, thousands of relics of the Quaternary glaciers. All mountain lakes, ocean waves, Huguangshanse, an intoxicating, and the ancient local people are calling it the "divine lake", but in reality "Bingshi Lake." Lake Bingshi these ancient times, "Taibai Chi-kwong," "Pearl of the mountains" that are classified as Taibai Mountain of Eight workers. Out in Sendai, Happy Valley, along the beam, shihe, Shi The noble, seems to be rolling Pentium trend, dazzling. Sendai pulled from the ring around the Vision, the angle peak, valley, cirque, Hom ice, the ice-order patterns unique to the landscape fresh in our memory. As a result, Taibai Mountain is a study of the Quaternary glacier can be described as the best natural museum.

  Taibai Mountain has beautiful scenery and fascinating scenery. Taibai June snow days "is a well-known customs in one of the Eight. In the past during the cold, snow Taibai Mountain peak, when the height of summer, the view from the Guanzhong Plain, snowy, silver in all directions, and become The Greatest Places .

  Taibai Mountain has a long history of China since ancient times is a famous mountain. Xia and Shang said, "Shan - , Zhou said, "Tai Shan", to start the Wei, Jin said, "Taibai Mountain." Canadian champion of its imperial dynasties and wait seekers can explore more of the footprints are all over the Taibai Mountain Shan mountain range, leaving a great deal of praise Taibai Mountain's wonderful poem. Since the Sui and Tang, Meixian Tangyu Guanzhong is a well-known tourist destination in convalescence and has built-Quan Feng , Stephen Fung Tang, Tang City palace, and so on. Li Bai, Du Fu, Han Yu, Su Shi, and other celebrities, many times before boarding degree Taibai Mountain, poetry and painting, "splash-ink Taibai Mountain" legend will travel to Lee Taibai poems, well-known medical scientist Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty, Known as "Manual" long taibaiensis live in seclusion in the mountains to study the grass in Taibai Mountain Medical treatment for the people, the Taebaek mountains, he there is still left over from the old path along the cliff walk pound medicine in a mortar and pestle of Waterloo. Manual and the legends, are also popular locally.

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