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Yan places Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Zi Mao Temple is located in residential area in Shandong Licheng District Jiangnan Town, Village Pavilion, a 32 Qing Dynasty (1906 AD).

Yan places in the Temple of the Song Dynasty ruins of the Temple built on the coast, sitting south, which the former continuous rise amid, mountain envelope back, and the shape of "homing swallows," named.

There are riding the Green Mountain Lao Niu scene. After the past few years into the expansion, the Hall of Heavenly Kings completed, the Main Hall, the Hall of Great Mercy and the two corridors, with 4 booths, garden and pond, Hall merit donated drugs such as Office, a new landscape.

  Quanzhou, according to Chi House records: to the Northern Song Dynasty and years (1054-1056), Laojun There are 000 Buddhist temples on the "Coastal Om", had its heyday 500 Buddhist nuns here. Um destroyed Bing Huo Yuan, a contest of the existing stone stupa, the Millennium red tea, and other monuments.

  Qing Tongzhi years, Yang Ting Dianxiang In any case, as a result of the death of her husband and co-chuen voted Sakyamuni Temple monks, and later in Jiemao Laojunshan , In the coastal side of the ruins of Um shelter in the Cave, a self-farming penance, the sound on Long Road, increasingly worshipers. Yang and hard at the Quartet Regardless of worshipers under-funded, more than 10 years to build temples Church homes gradually. Legend has it that when its nest in the permitted Shuangyan beam, as Siu-kai, the pupils should Yan Temple.

  There are two things no matter Yang Female, that is, and Zhang Wenlian Jhu Hwang Regardless, the childhood home of the two cousins, no matter in places surrounded by Yang Yan Temple, temple management to help the Treasury. Regardless of Yang's death in 1935, Zhang Wenlian, ancestors Jhu Hwang Chi Regardless of succession, Temple extended services, increasing pilgrims. Lin Wen Nandu in 1939 in the Philippines, was close to the Philippines in the macro-law would like to Teachers, listen to the teachings and was wonderful thanks to Farmington repair. In 1952, amendments to create wonderful Buddhist temple in the city of the Philippines-Min, Yan pupils should take as a sign of origin did not forget. In 1958, regardless Jhu Hwang also went to the Philippines, assisted Miao Temple extended repair works. Miao-repair after the death of Temple Services Jhu Hwang Regardless of the burden falls on the shoulders, Jhu Hwang Regardless of popularity, and hard to operate, for Temple thing, a lot of achievements. In addition to the main hall rebuilt, and building and possession of the Middle Temple Hall. To commemorate the 1978 amendments Miao Lin Shih-wen was founded Clinics and medical facilities donated medicine without distinction as to race and religion, Buddhism and the Philippines for Jieshou large-scale charity, the Philippine government were quite along attached great importance to overseas Chinese and of good commentary. Fu Quan in 1958 Yan Monastery founder of places donated drugs, its neighbors will benefit 12 villages.

Jhu Hwang In any case, after crossing the Philippines, according to this Swiss Master Piti, Fahao Guangren. Guangren Marconi division, although living abroad, but Zuting obsession, in the late 1970s, the motherland's reform and opening up the implementation of religious policies, Guangren Nepal several times to and from the division between the Min Quan, Zuting and repair efforts in the construction of Great Mercy Temple in 1989, gradually in the next few years to complete the meal hall, dormitories, kitchen, and other ancillary equipment. Also in early 1995 to remove the old hall, re-construction of the Main Hall, King Hall, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, and so on, huge, magnificent momentum, elegant design, stone, wood carving, ceramics Shear, mud , Painted, antique murals, and other traditional art design, both teachers from a craftsman's hand.

  Taiwanese pleasant climate, lush forest on Laojunshan, Huaxiangniaoyu, brake by the sound of the Vatican, the Xiasi people. Yan Temple has become a residential suburb of Quanzhou, a well-known tourist destination.

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