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Gusao tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gusao Tower (also known as Wan tower, tower clearance lock) is located in Shishi City Baogai southeast of the mountain, was built in Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty, ancient marine traffic in Quanzhou of navigation marks, "Kwan haze lock" for a major scenic spots in Quanzhou, Fujian Province heritage Unit.

  Gusao Tower, also known as the "lock tower clearance" or "Wan Tower", which was built in Song of the Year Shaoxing-year period 1131-1162, so far there have been 800 years of history. Its proximity to Quanzhou Bay, facing the Taiwan Strait, and the southern border town of Dong Ming-controlled force. "Quanzhou Chi House," it said, "Guan Town water tower is also locked, the cloud above the table, the board is expected to be imported to the business," shows that the real tower Gusao The role, as the buoy. During the Southern Song Dynasty, Quanzhou, Hong Kong is the world's largest trading ports, foreign trade is very prosperous, and more than 70 countries and regions, with business contacts. Wu Song, animal husbandry "Mengxi recorded," said: "If the pan-foreign trading ships, from Quanzhou will be overseas." In order to meet the overseas pay The needs of the office of the Department of Quanzhou port Baogai stone construction in the mountains, as a lighthouse beacon to be, its significance is very important.

  "Fujian-chi," there is such a document: "yongning in stone, there are very Hong-li, ship operators to move from the sea, landed refer to the period." Stone said here refers to Gusao tower. However, only very few figures recorded in local records, but is well aware that Gusao tower in the navigation on the guidelines of the Merchant Shipping plays an important role landed.

  This is the first level of the west tower opened an arched door, above the second floor there are two openings on each floor, corner upon plum-shaped cylinder, overhead bucket care, reduce the tower up level by level, each Diesechuyan. Each layer of the tower are outside the fence around the sanitation; tower of stone steps through the top of the tower there. The second door on the amount of carving, "Wan pagoda" words. Fifth floor of the outer wall of a square niche, niche, there are two women as stone, the two women is a legend in this Gusao. Su Chi River in the Ming Dynasty poems have said: "Joan tree when vacated, to fly On away with. Second ring Princess Huan Pei, Xiao Xiao is Autumn. "This poem is written Gusao tower. Centuries, people call it" Gusao Tower, "Why not call it" Wan tower "or" customs lock tower "?" Min "in such a period of record:" Xiyougusao for married women traders, traders Jiubu to the sea, and the tower Gusao In short, if Amah Rock, but carved in the tower as two women ... ... "

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