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Luoyang Qiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang Qiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China is the earliest existing cross-beam large stone bridge, located in Quanzhou in the eastern suburbs of Luoyang River, is one of the world as a bridge-shaped raft on the basis of the beginning of a national key cultural unit.

  Luoyang Qiao, formerly known as the "Onkyo million." Cai Xiang Quanzhou Prefecture in the Song Dynasty presided over the bridge. From the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor four years you (the public 1053) to a four-year Jiayou (Year 1059), before and after the calendar for seven years, spent two silver 14,000,000, and built a Kuajiang the next big stone sea. According to historical records, in the early hours to build a long bridge 360 Joe, Yi Zhang-foot wide, on both sides of the separation of warrior statues. The bridge is 731.29 meters long, 4.5 meters wide 7.3 m high, there are 44 boat-shaped piers, railings 645, 104 stone lions, a shiting, Stone 7.

  As early as the Northern Song Dynasty, our ancestors on an alarming determination and infinite wisdom, created a modern until it was recognized by a new type of bridge base - the foundation-raft. The so-called Type is the basis of a bridge along the axis of underwater at the bottom of a large number of stone-throwing home to form a link at the end of Jiang's low stone bridge base for the courtyard, and then built above the piers, which means the construction of the bridge China and the world of science are Is a great contribution. In order to consolidate the Rongji Bridge, the bridge in a large number of oyster farming, cleverly Vitex shell with the amount of strong adhesion, fan speed and the characteristics of Health, the bridge-pier and firmly cemented as a whole, this is one of the world's ingenuity in the history of bridge-building "kind of oyster-based method", is the world's first biological Used in bridge engineering precedent. At that time, no modern lifting equipment, on a "floating frame Law, "to use towards the sea level rise and fall of the location, set up large stone bridge, we show the ancestors of the bridge extraordinary talent. Boat-shaped pier is also distinctive, which is conducive to water. Luoyang Qiao successfully completed China's first Dashiqiao harbor, China's ancient bridge construction in the history of the great, well-known in China as a bridge post Professor Mao Yisheng praise: "Fujian Luoyang Qiao is the champion of the bridge."

  "Chao Sheng Luoyang," Quanzhou has always been one of the Ten. Tourists standing on the bridge, under the Song Yin, "Chao Chung straight to Chihiro snow, sunset passage Baizhang Rainbow", and a delight. After the liberation of Luoyang Qiao as a national cultural relics protection Unit. In order to protect the old bridge, the age of 60 in the old west side of the plane and a new bridge for motor vehicles to reduce the pressure on the old bridge. In recent years, the Government has allocated huge rehabilitation of Luoyang Qiao, an extraordinary style. Today, the old and the new River Bridge and drive, together with the newly-built railway bridge, such as three-lying Hong Bo, and even the United States and Qi Feng, very strong .

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