Saturday, December 6, 2008

Magnolia Pei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pei Mulan in the suburbs outside the South Gate is located in Putian, about 4 kilometers Mulan Shan, built during the Northern Song Dynasty This is a primer and has, irrigation, row, block the use of large water conservancy projects. More than 900 years ago, a Department of Jianshui 360 Dasi, due to the impact of tides, flooding from time to time, people on both sides to provide the greatest possible Difficult. Song Ping Ye first year (1064), women's Changle Siniang money to carry Kim Po, in general Zhanglincunpang rock slope before the stone base. However, Pei has just completed the first project on the flood waters were, to put their lives at Siniangtoushui Pei martyrdom. Not long after her fellow Lin from the World Bank, hundreds of thousands of donors, the change in the lower reaches of the mouth of the hot springs building weirs, as a result of the election reservoir site Improperly failed. Xining 2008 (1075), Hou Guan Ying Zhao Li who came in with the assistance of Japanese monk FUNG Chi, summing up the lessons of previous failures, a broad choice of stream water in the gentle, even through the rocky river bed under the Mulan Shan Jian Pei ... ... After eight years of fighting, Tai Pei finally completed. Pei as a result of the Mulan Shan, as a result of Got its name. This result also known as the Ta Shee Mulan. Magnolia Pei Pei have the first project, the canal system works and three parts of the embankment, the distribution is reasonable, well-designed, precision construction. Pei weir gate for the first roll-dam, with massive granite building vertical and horizontal hook lock Diego. A total length of 219.13 meters, Pei Pier 33, the high - .5-Meter, 32-hole home gate. Pei both ends of the North-South, has a total length of more than 500 meters long reservoir retaining embankment. Pei trunk of 120 kilometers, built along the Doumen, culverts and so on a number of 300, sub-irrigated plains north-south ocean. Pei built in memory of the sages, Mulan's construction of the south bank of the money Siniang Lin from the World Bank, Li, Feng Japan's "Temple of the Association", has now turned into "Mulan Pei Memorial Hall." To preserve the temple has been famous since the Ming Dynasty written by Pei Xiu previous steles. Winter in 1962, Guo visited the Magnolia Pei, is pleased to Mingbi wrote, "Yong Pei Mulan" Poetry 6, Shi Bei have been erected in the temple. Magnolia Province, Pei was one focus of heritage . Mulan Shan in the urban areas have access under the highway.

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