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Meizhou Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The water in the Mekong, in the Sea Island, Lantau, such as Mei, Yi Wan has been to embrace the sun and the sea of magic island, which is the Meizhou Island.

  Meizhou Island is located in Fujian's Meizhou Bay in the central port facing the Taiwan Strait, only 1.8 sea miles from the mainland, Taiwan's Taichung Harbor east 72 sea miles, 100 nautical miles south of Xiamen Port, North Fuzhou Mawei Port 70 sea miles, the traffic is convenient. North-south strip of the island, such as the crescent-shaped, Land area of 14.35 square kilometers, population 38,000. Meizhou Island is a typical subtropical monsoon maritime climate, the average annual temperature of 20 ?, the average annual rainfall of about 1000mm, mild climate, beautiful show , A unique tourism resources, it is hard to come by tourist resort. Blue sky, blue sea, sun, sand constitutes a pleasant romantic coastal scenery, the island has a coastline of 30.4 kilometers, 13 of the total length of 20 km golden beach, and fell 5 km of sea rocks. There are financial and clear water Sands, green wood, sea , Stones, the temple was one of a number of scenic spots, 20, formed in the water there are mountain outside the sea, linked to Shanhai, the Haitian Isshiki strange natural landscape. Poetic Masterpiece of the age-old Chao Yin Mei Lantau, such as the Philharmonic or the rain, such as visual or Qiming, such as resentment against, such as the Cantabile roar. Goose rocks eventual end of the Stone God, after years of baptism Cool turtles, such as the frog, hawk-like, like lions, if a boat, vivid, lifelike. Beautiful charming Sabbiadoro, 3 km long, 500 meters wide, flat beach Pohuan, such as fine sand surface, known as "the best in the world beach."

  Here, not only beautiful scenery, is more Hunqianmengying the human landscape Meizhou Island is famous for peace at sea goddess Matsu's hometown, the birthplace of Mazu culture, is the world's more than 20 countries and regions close to 200,000,000 Hunqianmengying Mazu, worshiped the Holy Land, known as the "Oriental Mecca." Lin Song Jianlong Matsu was born in the first year (in 960 AD) March 23, died Yong Xi 2004 (the year 987 AD) September Ninth, Weijia life. She had Lan Hsin-hui quality, smart and eager to learn, understand medicine, knowledge of meteorological, navigation Tong, in her short life, and the neighborhood for the past fishermen on the sea merchants have done a lot of good. People admire her good deeds Ji, Jiukujiunan the spirit of the Mekong on Lantau Peak She Jian Li Miao temple, which is the origin of the Mazu belief. Mountain stand in the ancestral worship, Xiufeng stones, You Dong Jing Lin set off under the Matsu Temple spectacular towering; that stand tall statue of Matsu, Mianzhaodahai, big-kind, is an eternal god of the sea, peace Symbol. Matsu refined soul, everywhere Department in the past. Ancestral beliefs in Taiwan, has a broad mass foundation, the Taiwan Matsu Gongmiao more than 1,500, up more than 1,600 believers million. Since the 1990s, Meizhou Island every year to receive pilgrims inside and outside visitors as many as 000 million, of which nearly 10 million Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan is the mainland to attract the largest, most intensive, Do not be a year of the birth of Mazu and Mazu ascended to heaven during the festive season, an unprecedented pilgrimage tourism, is the so-called "broadcast the Song Ling-kun, Chang shrine worship; so far on the sea, fragrant everywhere."

  In June 1988, Meizhou Island in Fujian Province has been turned into the outside world tourism economic zone, in April 1992, established Taiwan's special tourist visas on arrival, in October the same year, the establishment of the China National Tourism Resort. Since then, Taiwan pilgrims flocked to tourist resorts in the ascendant. For more than a decade, the Island's progress has been made in the development and construction has been completed Matsu Temple, geese Oyama, gold sand, the beach Lianchi, Japan and Wen Shi, and other scenic areas Island Highway through the island, the ferry terminal, Taiwan 3,000-ton ferry terminals, sea power and water supply, communications, such as Green 50, as well as a number of infrastructure to provide 1,600 beds to receive the star-rated hotels, hotels and shopping malls, entertainment Center for services such as reception facilities, so that a growing Island Mazu has become a well-known text Pilgrimage center and tourist resort on the southeast coast. Here the beautiful scenery, has been named the national level AAAA tourist areas, 100 counties nationwide afforestation, Fujian Province civilized tourist area and the province's top ten demonstration counties and a quality living environment; simple folk here, hospitality, and this can be to play Matsu makeup, food Mazu feast, goods Zu holy water, Mission Hills Sunrise, the Homebound Fishermen, Peter smooth sailing; rich seafood here can enjoy the sea fishing, seafood cuisine, fun seaside resort.

  Matsu's native place in the new century - Island, the western side of a rising sea pearl!

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