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Six wins tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Six wins stone tower is located in Shishi City hairpin mountain lake, five-story octagonal tower is the heart Fang Mu-chu-Rendezvous Kok granite structure for governance and the Northern Song Dynasty monk Prospectus years in the construction, rehabilitation of the Yuan Dynasty, the ship is out of Quanzhou Bay, an important buoy .

  History is contained, governance and the Northern Song period (1111 -1117 AD), high Zuhui, Song, and so even through the fund-raising to build six wins in the tower col, the Southern Song Jing-yan, 2002 (1227 AD), the tower was destroyed military yuan. According to folklore, in 1276, the end of the Southern Song Dynasty Zhao case is over in Fuzhou, the yuan by military force, Taiwanese exile, for the G Pushou resistance, into the attempted Quanzhou City, Shek Wu refuge at one time And to build palaces, Shek Wu by the sea, died of Nao Island (now Wuchuan County in Guangdong South China Sea). Shek Wu Yuan-jun was a result of retaliatory looting, six wins would not escape tower. Subsequently, the continued development of maritime trade, Jiang once again cockles prosperity populated residential areas, the ship back by the wind Lin Qiang. Yuan Yuan Shun Di 2002 (the year 13 6), cockles wealthy Jiang Hui Ju Jia Ling Fu Japan-funded reconstruction. Since then, the tower has experienced vicissitudes of life, in May 1961 in Fujian Province was designated as the first key cultural relics in 1984 by the provincial government funding Xiurong, a new, revenue at the same time, "the nine-year compulsory education in the three-year junior high school textbooks", "China History, "the second volume. Six wins is the study of Song and Yuan tower construction with the kind of valuable art. The Department of granite tower loft-style structure, 36.6 meters high, at the end of Wai, about 47 meters, five-star anise, and its precision carving, majestic and magnificent, with Quanzhou East Tower comparable. This is another distinctive tower, each tower is the beams are Construction of the names and time. The bottom of the south arch hung on the door of the amount of a "monument with China," inscribed "Wan Tower," in the preceding paragraph, "Tan Yue Jin Jiang Hui-Ling Li Fu" (Note: Do not cockles, said Jiang Jin Jiang), the following paragraph, "Rat-La Yue Jian Yuan" ( Year in 1336). Carved above the floor by the time construction is: the second Year of the November Zichou "(Year 1337), the third tier of" Year of the Tiger October "(Year 1338), the fourth layer of" Year of the day Mao has been "(Year 1339), the fifth layer" Year of the Mao has been in March. "Knowledge which, after the tower before and after 4 years to complete. VI victory tower built so far, been Earthquakes, particularly in 1604 in Quanzhou domain of 8 earthquake, but safe and sound.

  Six wins Jiang Tower of cockles, Shek Wu in ancient times in Quanzhou important for the Outer Harbor, the waterfront stand, was the prosperity of overseas traffic to witness history. According to legend, when there are 18 ferry, parked a fan of the Asian-African countries ship 100, the popular sea traffic. The early Qing Dynasty, this has become the mainland and Taiwan on the ferry terminal at the center. Six wins 800 years of weather-beaten tower, the tower is like a Candle, a radiation light to illuminate the sea "Silk Road", as navigator Zheng He's voyages to western fifth pilot to clear the way, the guidelines of the compatriots across the Taiwan Strait Current Micronesia. When people relieve the top board, you can view the vast Strait between the shuttle and the Zhou Ji.

  Japanese popular bathing in the lake at the beginning of the sea, and that "large-hung Yizhuqingtian of view", "Long back to six days to see the high standard" of six wins tower, around the harbor, forest, beaches, villages, fields, the terminal Tu On a Guang-yan of color. This fascinating, this beautiful poem King's Painting, attracts many visitors. Towering six wins tower, day and night Ying hope the Taiwan compatriots to the aircraft.

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