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Jiuli Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuli Hu Xianyou County, located in the scenic town of Zhongshan, 31 kilometers from the town, 590 meters above sea level. Here in Lake, holes, Tam, Shek said the four-odd, particularly for the most Tan Fei, since ancient times, "Wu Lei Fei Tam surprising the world" reputation. Xu Ming Dynasty Great travel home with the Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Yuhua hole and said, "Sanjue." Legend has it that Emperor , Ho has nine brothers to serve our community in this Alchemy, Dan Carp cross into heaven immortal, and therefore Jiuli Hu named.


  Dang Jiuli Hu Cui-Qing Yang, Bichengyihong, is a beautiful natural lake. Around the lake, verdant forests, Qian Yan Jing Xiu, Saga rocks, waterfall accommodating riverbank, both Lin-sheng of the spring, the upper reaches of the stream Such as bottles all over the white, urn may well seem bizarre, such as caves, the legend was nine cents Alchemy of the site. Mountain forest scattered legislation innumerable rocks with rocks, such as Penglai stone, stone-Chou, feather fossils, mysterious stone beads, rub-long stone, stone pillow and wait for a natural, sight.

  Jiuli Hu is the most famous scenic waterfall nine riverbank As a result of the riverbank like its name. There riverbank Lei Hong, falls riverbank, riverbank Zhu Lian, Yu-zhu riverbank, Shek Mun riverbank, the five-star riverbank, Fei riverbank, the board riverbank, General riverbank, the largest drop riverbank to more than 100 meters, as small as 3-4 meters, nine Waterfall riverbank Or Fei Liu, Yin Yi, or fly, or spray Yang Yu-chu, which is to be a spectacular waterfall, Zhu Lian, Three columns riverbank. Nine riverbank falls more than 10 kilometers in length, along the cliff Jiazhi, the twists and turns, is very attractive.

  Jiuli Hu numerous scenic spots, Cliff Inscription, the concept of Taoism, artistic and architectural heritage sites in various 20. Hushan between "Ren Kai grass title engrave little stone End," "Son of Heaven million years" Penglai first "," Bishuidanshan "," Guan Bao "," Tengyun nine fin, "" Feiyubenlei "Inscription famous dynasties, ancient generous, free and easy Qiu Jin; nine cents Lake View, Crystal Palace, Yu Imperial House, the resplendent Ying-sen Hall, the magnificent; General, Mission Hills, Guanpu, miss, the hometown of five booths, the mountain Water Ya exquisite precision; the remaining spots in Ho Sin Temple, the whole bamboo temple, changing booths, kiosks Huguang sites, the tone is a good place for tourists; Sung Hsiao Tsung Emperor bestowed the "Sin Shui Ling Hui," Jin Bian Yi Hong's "Suoi Tien" That Qinglie to sweet, do not surprising rise.

  Chi Jiu Lihu the dream has a long history of cultural, Ho nine cents is the people Spread oldest and most influential Secretary of the gods dream, the dream of Prayer program since the Tang and Song has been adopted so far and it can study the culture of our country pray dream "living fossil." Daguan distinguished history, man of letters to the pilgrims, Dream Garden prevailing winds, the Six House is too Lu Qing Zheng, Song Ming-side Hall of Bachelor of Cai Xiang, Chen Ming Libushangshu by the state Jiangnan Tang Bohu gifted scholar, Li Ming Huan Qing Dynasty to modern times and some of the political Savimbi feel all around here, Dream Garden. Ming Feng Meng-long well-known novelist and Qing Ji Xiaolan, a famous scholar of her depression, and other crafts Jiuli Hu has been a dream of cultural arts and crafts vivid descriptions, and many crafts handed down for thousands of years to dream when the subject matter of cultural hand - Chapter beautiful word it a dream story of inspection, to the scenic Jiuli Hu put on a layer of mystery, and fascinating. Jiuli Hu in 1998 for the approval of provincial-level scenic spots.

  Jiuli Hu scenic and convenient traffic, the road winding through scenic areas, from the Chengguan Xianyou Jiuli Hu to have direct access to car travel, the region has to stop Field, hotels and other service facilities.

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