Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yuen Ling Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuen Ling-Ling Temple at the source of Shannan Prefecture, was built in Sui Chu Kai-nine-year Queen (589). In recent years, both at home and abroad who trusted enthusiastic support of donors, re-planning of the expansion, repair Siyu. After the new temple hours before, during and after the three halls, temples towering spectacular, Diaolianghuadong hall.

Yuen Ling-shan incense usually keep Pilgrims every year, more than 1,000,000 visitors reached 000, even during the Buddhist voices.

  Siyu on both sides of the original and a subsidiary of construction for the expansion of a five-room three-deep, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding the majestic hall, covering an area of 462 square meters. Basilica before a three-room linked to the al-ting, cornices Alice Ridge, Jinbi Huang, Xuan Long and Hong-li. Beit Hall Gallery and Pavilion are using sophisticated Qingshi Toudiao exquisite dragon columns, gold-filled couplet inscribed at the two sites, including the Song Dynasty legend for the prime minister had been the subject of public light, "Mountain West to make a good community, the source of South-tide water," There are third overall in the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Rui calligraphy all the hand-written map "to hear from the repair thinking big ever born with disabilities; Hui beings to define their own open-Tang ", as well as an ancient Anonymous handed down a" deep hole spring misty rain, Haimen Yudeng the middle of the night "were linked. There are also hanging in the Qing Dynasty Hanlin Yuan Zhuang Jun titled" Buddha ", the President of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao The title "Source of Hope Temple," the former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Peng Chong title of the "Temple of Heaven" Horizontal inscribed board.

  In 1998, the hall after the completion of a three temples, as in the Main Hall, for the right to possession of the Middle Temple, having left for the Middle Temple. Front of the hall, shops 1,500 square meters of reinforced concrete square, very spacious. Plaza fronting the valley, as a result of the construction from a potential double-room on the ground, then as a The four-party guests canteens and dormitories. Scattered high and low, and there is addressed to the layout of the source of Hope Hill and by a scenic, and the source of Ling Shan mountain scenic spots cross-backed, complement each other. No wonder every day to attract visitors come away the.

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