Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hong Kong virtuous days Zuci - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhong Putian Village Gate in Hong Kong, Gu Cheng: Hong Kong virtuous, Yi Ming, "Wong Lo in Hong Kong," Strait is the birthplace of the goddess Matsu -----, Mazu Eclosion after local people to build Memorial Hall. Zuci built in the Song Dynasty, Matsu worship room like wood, as far as "Chi Chi Feng days" set: "Shizhuancinei room like, a cosmetic plastic different people, different From the engine, and can not be both. "Cineiqiandian as a result of the General Assembly for worship Mazu room like. The amount of" days after the Temple ", dedicated to St. Houdian parents and first-generation tablets, the amount of" Zuci Lin ", the respect for "Zuci days." Wing-lok next 19 years (1421) bad Temple, Zhao Ting lawsuit in Hong Kong have taken it for granted renovation Zhi Ji, "days Zuci. "Junji 18 years of Qing (1661) to counter-ming Cheng Gong things, cut-off coastal community Kiyono, village and Matsu room as Hanjiang migration. Kangxi 20 (1681) rehabilitation sector, Temple has done Destroyed, fire-Lin Chang-Zhi Sun to launch reconstruction, to welcome people back to the Han Jiang room as Matsu, the Han people refuse, to invite the two sides due to cross , 99 have to pay Silla, who Hanjiang a ship-by-room as the ceremony was also sent to Hong Kong. Kangxi 23 years, Chifeng days. Zuci by ants when the wind erosion, drain tile wall dumping by Taiwan Fengshan teaching Pui-lam, launched fund-raising, to phase in the reconstruction of the mountain temple site, to 51 years Qianlong (1786) completed in September. 53 Qianlong ( 788 years) from St. Spring and Autumn Festival two, the ceremony included in the Code. Daliangangtie campaign in 1958, Temple razed to the ground, like a room to save Lai village woman, who survived on a 1984-style reconstruction of the original village to raise funds to February 2, 1988 (Lunar New Year Dingmao December 10 Five), which we see the celebration. Save this Cinei Matsu on behalf of the room as the Qing Emperor Qianlong and stone tablets in the vicinity of the "former residence of Matsu," "Well Fu" and "Eight Feng Jing", "not even face-chu-chu" in the Song Dynasty relics. In 1989 into the "virtuous Putian county in Hong Kong Zuci days after the tour area," the Fujian Provincial People's Government announced in 1991 for the provincial heritage conservation unit. In recent years, various parts of Taiwan, Matsu followers to "Lo Hong Kong source dried up ancestral pilgrimage," the pilgrims, the delegation flocked to the Royal and funding to build the "three Monument Square," "Bell-Drum", "Bin-ko" So that Ciyu is getting more sophisticated spectacular.

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