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Regardless of Ms. Su Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Regardless of Ms. Su Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ms. Su Regardless of the temple is located in northern Shan Zi Mao, who originally belonged to the government of Quanzhou, Jinjiang County, 33 are rural Changchun, dedicated to the goddess Quan Su-South civil Liuniang. According to the "House of Quanzhou-chi," recorded in the integrated-ming, Su Wanli mountain gods Liuniang outstanding, ping war, the Japanese Yasukuni struggle has been called Health Care, St. Yan Chongfu his wife, his tomb Official Mrs. system in accordance with the construction of the temple??????so far. The soldiers were burning the early Qing Dynasty temple, the Azeri after the resumption of reconstruction, rehabilitation Guangxu 16 years. Jinjiang County Code, the history of Zambia for its title. Mrs. existing temple for the hanging brick-Hill, a three-Jin Ge, on both sides of the house to care, construction area of about 400 square meters, the temple erected Hill, Shuangyang look into the distance, two - Surrounded by, shade trees, natural scenery. Since the twentieth century, after all men and women, overseas Chinese donors continue to repair, the new look of the temple, incense its peak, at more than 50 furnace at the temple, Quanzhou all over the district, county, city, and with the overseas Chinese live, and the famous overseas.

  Temple sit Southern North, East 22 meters wide and 16.8 meters deep north-south, covers an area of 700 square meters. Qiandian from the main building, al-ting, the courtyard, the main hall, namely the traditional Taiwanese "into a three-room" 7.9 meters, into three 8.7 m deep, carrying beam structure, the roof of the hard-Hill. Pay a debt of gratitude to the left side of the Temple Church, dedicated to parents souf tablets, Side of the house care homes for Lent.

  Ms. Su has Miaohou Regardless of the tomb (Yi Xue), erect a tombstone with the words. Dozens of trees were old half-moon arch, Central Cemetery, up into the green barrier. Miaohou Department of hundred meters on the hillside, Tiger Chong year (1638) Mother Buddha sitting on a relief Xiang Yizun, 1.03 meters high, 0.9 wide Rice, the basic well-preserved.

  South Central street in front of the temple in recent years have restored Ming Dynasty 1.80 of a five-story stone pagoda, the 7-meter-high.

  Ms. Su Temple spent a few a few amendments, Junji five-ching (1648) have been burned Qing, 16 years Guangxu (1890), in years There have been rebuilt as a whole. Sim has been in the Republic of China (1941) of the remaining tablets donors. Since then, there is more damage to the temple in recent years to carry out a comprehensive Xiurong. Effective in the Philippines, the overseas Chinese donors.

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