Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shishi rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shishi Rock Hill around the western suburbs of Putian has a number of sea caves, the New Stone Age relics have been unearthed, this is the last of the ancient cave, so-called Shishi. Buddhist monk late Tang Miao-founder should have been set up in this gym, according to legend survived two tigers to try to tame ride, it is also known as Yan Fu-hu. Song St. between Temple was built on the rocks, thanks to the amount of cases SONG Zhe Miaoying Temple said. Ming-cheng Si Yu Yi-ming spent between Libushangshu Wanli Chen Po by the state Sambo reconstruction and son in this class. After Emperor Xuan Temple, the Temple with disabilities, Sin Temple, built one after another Hall of the Ancestors, which has become the rock on Taoism co-Li Cheng-Sheng Jing wall. Mountainside wind around smoke from time to time, Meng Yin Yun air, "Shishi possession Smoke" Putian round one of the King. Since then, Hundred years into frequent repair, in 1942 the site changed hands to build "another Lingyun Temple", the formation of the current situation. Chi Ma Wan's red sheep, Shinianhaojie, the resort was declining. Stone Room Shan up Release uphold and safeguard gym, more than four decades. Bring order out of chaos after the four-Lai Shan Shi well-funded, Chung-hing, Shishi rock. Li Cheng to expand into this Road up the hill and traffic convenience, the rock palace pavilion Cuolayouzhi, Golden Revitalizing, in the shade hang shore Lin ancient cliff, and should retreat of the Miao-Dong Haiyin, tongue-long hole in the left side Song Yue Inscription "Yan Fu-hu" stone tablet Ming Jian seven four-Chu Zhuanta matrix and monuments, each other and become tourists pay to watch the nirvana.

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