Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shenzhen Bay Harbor forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shenzhen Bay 6 km in length, Tan An lush forest. Sa Deep Bay (review of land) along the beach, at low tide when we can see the distribution of about one square kilometer of ancient forest hit (C14 isotope age around 7500) in recent years and remains of the oyster reef, hit the western side of Taiwan is to study geography and ancient climate , Paleontology, ancient plants Take-off and landing exercise, land and sea change in kind of valuable information. State Oceanic Administration has approved the establishment of the seabed remains of the ancient forest. Shi Chun coastal landscape of geological nature reserve, the area available for visitors to watch at home and abroad, a high-level scientific and tourist areas.

  Protected areas on the brink of the Taiwan Strait, the geographical structure of the strange, ancient sites Many natural scenic, socio-economic conditions of human superiority. There are buried in the intertidal zone experienced 7800 years of history of oil remains more than 20 cedar trees; and large grew up in thousands of years ago, Armstrong's oyster reefs, sea typical red rock hills, the beach rocks and eggs oil accumulation in the modern fine Sand dunes; can also display ancient 1970s, Mesozoic and Cenozoic, and so long geological history of the evolution of unique, classic, well-exposed, and a wide range of wave-cut rock. The establishment of protected areas for study ancient oceans, ancient geography and ancient climate, ancient plants, geological study of the Taiwan Strait and the sea-level sport and the Pacific tectonic plates, sports, research Hong Kong and overseas, the ancient Jiaotong Shi provide a reliable scientific basis.

  For a long time, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Jinjiang, with a "Shen Tokyo, Fujian float" of ancient legends, and far-reaching implications. Harbor ancient forest oyster reef remains strong and strict protection, will be beneficial to the Taiwan Strait and the Bay of Shenzhen and Shanghai's geological structure and movement Zhen.

  In 7000 prior to the seabed near the ancient forests and years ago the oyster reef, such as strong precious "natural heritage", as well as the protection of the Bay of land and sea changes in the History of vivid, whether scientists or visitors on all of great attraction Protected areas and therefore can conduct scientific education of the masses, so that the masses Do young people access to scientific knowledge, but also for the development of seaside tourism provide an important resource.

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