Saturday, December 6, 2008

Qu fighting Miyako sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qu fighting Miyako sites located in the Chengguan Dehua, discovered in 1976, Song, Yuan, an ancient sites. East 300 meters wide, 150 meters long north-south, there are 17 sites, unearthed more than 800 pieces of furniture and 670 more full of artifacts. Yingrun their products to the pure white for the characteristics of its shape and burn method of Song and Yuan porcelain features of the times. The ancient sites found in Southeast Asia for the determination of China and Germany unearthed porcelain kilns dating and I provided the kind of conclusive evidence for the study of the sea "ceramic road", pottery and export during the Song and Yuan friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign trade provides an important historical Witness.

  Qu fighting Miyako sites At the "Chinese porcelain is" Dehua City, Fujian Province, said the corner of the United States and the village of Bao. In January 1988 by the State Council for promulgation of the third batch of national key cultural unit. The Song, Yuan, a total of 17 sites Porcelain kiln kiln-bed rooms, unearthed over 800 pieces of production equipment and more than 6790 pieces of incomplete or defective ceramic Objects. Qu fighting Miyako sites to explore the porcelain shapes and firing method has obvious characteristics of the Song and Yuan dynasty porcelain, and its study of China during the Song and Yuan Min Yao system, Porcelain-scale production, the structure of the kiln, firing process, porcelain And so on are important export value, at the same time as the "Silk Road on the Sea", and export porcelain During the Yuan and foreign trade provides an important historical data.

  What sites a width of 300 meters, 150 meters long north-south. 1976 excavation of a kiln chamber, there are 17 cages kiln, 57.1 meters long, 1.4-2.95 meters wide, and unearthed a total of 800 tools and fired 6 93 complete or incomplete, or the daily-use porcelain. Their products in order to clean the Yingrun characterized by white, and the production design process with the characteristics of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Unearthed in the Cup's best, straight pattern washing, washing Zheyaoxianwen, block-style bowl, compact and the military to hold the Yuan Dynasty, and other products. In particular, through the bottom of the wash profile portrait gown, crown Ying, non-Hu As for the Mongolian features, pad tripodal Yam cake and India took charge of the Yuan Dynasty and Mongolia pa text. The porcelain powder box, they pot, cover pot, holding the military, small mouth bottles, lianpan bowl, bowl-block, the Cup's best, Fei bowl chord patterns, such as washing, there are the Song and Yuan at the time of export porcelain, have Were found in Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia Sri Lanka. Some compact stamp bearing the "longevity of the new ship" words, the product can be seen through the export of the sea. Porcelain kiln sites of the Palace fight, to study the "maritime silk road porcelain," has provided valuable materials.

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