Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shi shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ushiyama stone at the eastern part of Dehua, the main peak 1781 meters above sea level, as a result of the mountain like a cow named after the stone. Legends and Lao Niu Green riding on this significant and relevant.

The Hill is a typical full radial collapse of the volcanic basin, the Mesozoic volcanic peaks form, constitutes a scene in the endless wonderful Stone cave. Add all sorts of people given the myths and legends, this charming natural landscape adds color. A lot of magic left on the rock, and some hanging straight cut legislation, such as Monument Square, such as the Shing Mun, and some, such as penholder, such as the couch, such as flowers, such as Fei and other animals. Hole group over here, as many as a hundred a number of large and small, hole There are holes, and tortuous. Legend has it that the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing years, Wing Tai Road from the view of Zhang, Xiao Langrui Xianyou Road and Long Qing Zhang Minqing Road in the fight magic elf. Rock on dozens of footprints, fingerprints and sword play rock, stone anvil, washing Jian Quan, stone basin, such as relics from my law.

Foothills of the temple stone pot before Chong Ming in the frame in the Dragon (164O), 1939 Bingluan burned in the past few years has been overseas, the county and township people to raise funds to repair. Teramae have Longchi, Shek Ngau Wozhuo pool, floating in the water may seem Shen, life-like shape.

Ushiyama ancient stone still, "one door" and "the door for two days", "three days "" Longevity Tower, "" blessed stone pot "," Dong Tian "," off Taiwan, "and some obscure writing of Cliff and engraved poetic inscriptions.

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