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Qingyuan Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingyuan Shan, also known as the northern, Quan Shan, Qi Yun, the barrier north of the city of Quanzhou, 498 meters above sea level, covering an area of 62 square kilometers, away from the main scenic spots in Quanzhou City area 3 km. "Qingyuan to the odd stone" to the souls of Qingyuan Stephen. Yuan praised the "sea-Min Peng Lai Shan in the first." "Qingyuan Dingzhi" one of the Ten Quanzhou, as always Range Rover passenger to board. Water features mountain scene in Stephen, Jian, Tan, there are 135 waterfall. According to "pay homage to their side Meanwhile," the book contains: "The mountains have a stone-chuen, milk, and Cheng Jie Gan, given its origins in the Yan River, the county building, to name Qingyuan." Fujian is Qingyuan Shan Dai Yu Mo Yunshan, Rise amid ups and downs, mixed Shek Pik Lin Youhe deep around the rock Ran into a interesting, in many natural scenic spots, 572 meters long mountain range 20 kilometers, the pictographic rock, a thousand odd famous natural scenic spots, "Min Shan Hai Peng Lai in the first" reputation for Quanzhou one of the four famous mountains.

  Located on the northern outskirts of Quanzhou, it is commonly known as the northern; due to the rise amid often among the clouds filled, also known as QI Yun . This mountain is named after a legendary myth: that year in Sin Tieguai Li travel far and wide now, Calocedrus Jianci Hill pines, winding streets, the rise of temporary, Tieguai stabbed to praise. But too much force to Tieguaichuojin the rocks, was set aside after Stephen poured out, people said after the Qingyuan Shan mountains.

In view of the stones to a clear spring and that beautiful Lin He, Tang dynasties seekers can explore this question a lot of travel to stay, according to investigation records, in the mountains up to 300 square stone, has a very high cultural value. There Qingyuan Shan Buddhist monk Master Hong Yi's modern stupa, Master Hong Yi's early years after the busy, middle-aged monk ordained, Quanzhou in the vicinity of closed-door learning, after half a lifetime of the poor Jing-yi, left before the death of the "sad-yan intersection," two words. She Lizi's was worship him in Qingyuan Shan, the more the implication of human Hill added.

  Yan Yan Yu Xian Laojun original name, as a result of a carved stone and Laojun sitting there today, is located in the foothills on the right side of Qingyuan Shan Song Diaocheng natural rock. High as 5.63 meters, 6.85 meters thick and 8.01 meters wide, covers an area of 55 square is China's largest stone carving as Taoism, the amount of high-seated patterns there, drop ears, long hair flapping, eyes towards the right hand by a few , According to his left knee, life, serene look of Leisure, Simple home to simplicity, the portrayal of the Tao Follows Nature can be described as "the best in the world of Lao." Carved yet another exaggeration, be called for China's stone carving art treasures. Is a national key cultural unit.

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