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Anping Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anping Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuli, commonly known as bridge, in Jinjiang have with the head at the junction of Nam on the Gulf. Song Shaoxing 2008 (1138) was built 13 years after completion. It is China's longest existing harbor large stone bridge, full-bridge 2255 meters long, 3-3.8 m wide, 361 piers, there is water on the bridge pavilion, Lou Ting, China Pavilion, Yu Ting Gong 5, and so on. Eastbound there in the first Baita, 22 meters high, five-story hexagonal Zhuanta Hollow, outside the black smear. Tower Bridge, Xiangyingchengqu.

In March 1961, released bridge Wuli for the state's key protection units. Bo Jukuan dump has been renovated in recent years, Yi Qiao Ban fallen off the pier, to repair three Qiaoting, Tower Bridge Qiao Lan. In addition to digging on both sides of the bridge siltation, to restore water Changqiao young beauty, the bridge downstream of the Highway Department and the provision of this Zhaqiao, transport more convenient.

  Ping is said to bridge the huge stone bridge at the time, right close by home from the Department of relative exploitation of the island of Kinmen shipped, the pier has a rectangular pier, boat-shaped pier and a half and three boat-shaped pier design, the bridge - When the construction of the Northern Song Dynasty adopted Luoyang Qiao invention "-shaped raft on the basis of" form. Anping Bridge grand scale, engineering giant-ho, the magnificent structure, to show the working people of ancient China's extraordinary talents and create a great power. Contemporary scholars, poets walk Guo Ping Bridge, the term given Chant: "The heroic spirit down through the ages, the spirit of the labor Yang nine "China's bridges in the history of this masterpiece acclamation.

  Bridges, often a symbol of the rise of the times. In recent years, countries pull ping bridge repair money, so that the ancient bridge of KIWI is more spectacular, majestic Bujiandangnian. Yash during the Spring and Autumn can see the elegant grace of the tour to come to Guys and Dolls , Long ancient stone bridge, filled with the laughter full of youthful spirit, the formation of a pedestrian bridge like clouds, blue waves under the bridge as a mirror, the bridge banks of the picturesque scenery of "The Painting Scroll", it is God cardiac drunk, Tao Ran forgot to return.

  Although the world today has a large iron bridge across the river, Ling Fei Jia, such as the modernization of the overpass bridge, but still wandering at home and abroad like to walk around Anping bridge, stone tablets stroke, watching the burly security guards Yingwu Bridgestone, General, a taste of Old Bridge in life and ancient ancestors to work hard, Shi Lei Bridge's amazing perseverance and pioneering spirit, going through 800 years of baptism still Feng Yi Wei-ran Changqiao of majestic, deeply in the hearts of the people unforgettable impression!

  Anping Bridge, is left to future generations to read the history of an immortal Long Poem!

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