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Eastern rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East rock that Dongshan, Gu Cheng Wushishan, because there are rocks like a unicorn, also known as Shan-lin, in the urban areas of the Northwest. Early morning view of the mountain, the sun's exposure, the steam cloud Wei Xia, such as the round plate like, 10,000 golden light, the Meteorology Series, the "Xiao-Xu Dongshan" scenic spots, "King Putian round".

East Hill halfway up the mountain there is a "pay a debt of gratitude to teach East Rock Temple", built in the Song Min-sun of the first year (990 AD). Temple Zhudian after three blocks of hollow octagonal stone pagoda in the Song Dynasty, the virtual risk-top canopy, form a very ancient Odd. Relief base 37 lions, patterns varied life; guard tower gate of the Book of King Kong sculpture, rough lines, shapes Park. There is a lower right corner of the Temple built in the Ming Dynasty, "three religions temple," Si Feng "education" (Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism) founder Lin Zhaoen.

Lin Zhaoen (in 1517-1598) the word Mao Xun, Longjiang, Putian Chengxiang Stanley Lane people. Its advocacy of Confucianism, Taoism, the release said that the three-in-one teaching, said the World Third, the Education President, "and" Trinity leader. "Before his death he had" Chiao Tung-shan homes "to give lectures." Chiao Tung-shan homes "is the grandfather Linzhao En Lin (Guangdong and Guangxi Guanju of the total system) after Enteignis built villa. Linzhao En after the death of his Qiao followers of the homes to "Zong Kong Temple," to show to commemorate him. Linzhao En his disciples all over the world, Nanjing Beijing and other places also has a "three religions temple." Southeast Asian countries now live overseas Xinghua, also has a "three religions temple." As a result, East rock, "Zong Kong Temple," known as "Shan-lin Zuci."

  "Shan-lin Zuci" after a millennium Guzhang, about 15 meters high, 13.8 Wai , The tree is divided into three branches of a tree, of which two branches of a tree has withered, but there is still a fork of a tree Climb, Lung Poon Qiu dance. Some people say how the Millennium Guzhang three branches of a tree indicates a "three-education" of their own development, contains not disclose the meaning of.

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