Saturday, December 6, 2008

Water World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Water World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Lake Water Park is located in Licheng District, West Lake Park is part of the first phase of the development of the Pool, circulation River, colorful slide, wave pool, and other building projects, is currently more advanced and recreational water content of the new entertainment.

  Snow Park covers an area of the 7357 square meters, will include children's play pool, as Pool, circulation River, colorful slide, kayak chute, chute quick, Gentiana chute, building wave pool, disco music and stage large-scale open-air stage, and so on. Water-main area of nearly 10,000 meters. Park has to adapt Visitors of all ages entertainment, food, rest, and other facilities. Selection of water treatment system is currently the world's most advanced U.S. imports of a full set of water treatment equipment, water play pool for the introduction of automatic monitoring, automatic device medicine, water 4-6 hours a disinfection cycle. To the greatest extent on the Elimination of all kinds of bacteria, Health to ensure that water. Collection of the leisure park, entertainment, fitness in One, the province is the largest and most advanced equipment, the project's play Fu, the most innovative, exciting, safe and healthy recreational water project.

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