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Five-tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Five-tower, formerly known as Ling-water rock, also known as water-Ling Monastery, located in the northern foothills of the West Zimao Hill. Hill Zimao Quanzhou is one of the four famous mountains, which is famous far and near.

Five-tower was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, by the Southern Song Dynasty, as a result of the construction of five stone in front, then known as the five-tower. Five tower before the Temple of Stone 5, Song Du-po Tower configuration. 6 m high tower, a square base, the tower for layer 3, a hexagon, engraved with the words, two, three for the drum-shaped, three-relief Buddha, for gourd-like Tasha. Five groups of tower, lined up, the tower between 2 meters away, out in front of intramural board, Xianyao lying, condescending, since under the majestic look quite Concept. Five-yu Temple tower construction, power on the mountain, up and down the use of two natural Cave, the construction of water-long meditation gym floor and set light, like a castle in the air, do not have the scenery.

Five tower sambong large rock show, Feng Yan bizarre scene in the charming scenery, mountain and constitute a natural stone, there is evidence for a period of doggerel: three-phase lion show , I grinned Dan Hu, 99 monks, Shirengou outlet in the town. Three out extremely Shi Qi, Three Stone said. West is scheduled to light rock, rock for the Central Plains, like natural stone, water-rock soul for the East, under a small rock, called "tidal well," 4:00 do not dry up. Song Yang Wenguang legend Lvjun Fujian, has been in business in the vicinity of the customs Walled knife, as Tens of thousands of soldiers to drink this Quan, inexhaustible, is not drinking. The well is inscribed with "Stephen ZHENG" words, Legend was also Zheng Qi Bing had in here, the drinking of Stephen inscribed.

  Qidong five towers of rock, since as natural. According to the "Nan County," set: "Love Song Ling Yan Feng Shui show, in many Cave." Now There are five major Cave, the largest tiger empty, inside the cave, which can accommodate 200 people, the other can accommodate dozens of people. Around the cave, Shirengou, Shima, stone turtle, Shek Ngau Shek crane, stone, the stone incense burner, Shi Zhong, Shek Kwu, Ray cut stone, stone Lane, Dan Zhuo, stone benches and many other stone as a result of specific Scene. There are stone Cliff " Hill, "" Ancient Water Ling Chan, "" Buddha "and" Pan-dong "as a result of a lot of stones in the Italian language.

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