Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cai Xiangling Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park Caixiang Ling, Cai Xiang was the tomb, located in Xianyou Feng Ting Ling Jin, General Yamashita, Fusha Road on the west side of the old. In 1961 was classified as provincial-level key protection units. Cai Xiang (1012-1067), born in Feng Ting-Ting Wo Niushan Kiyosawa (now nine Village), Feng Ting Song passed away four years at home, at the age of 6-year-old, buried Jin Ling, Ouyang Xiu wrote for "epitaph", the court confer posthumously less division, Shi Zhong Hui, the tomb of a pair of legislation, "Wang Shi-chu," engraved on the couplet: "Five suicide by the state, the old-fang go down in history ; Chung Ji-Wan-an, Zhao Su-old visual impact. "Rumored, was an area of 60 acres of cemetery, the tomb of Li's Road also have a" military attache Ma, the Xia Jiao civil service "to discontinue the monument. In 1997, Cai Xiang at home and abroad to their descendants for the reconstruction of the tomb," Cai Xiangling Garden "and will last for three years for completion in 1999, covers an area of 20 acres, remained in the Song Dynasty art Design, build, "the Mountain Gate," Miriam door, wall, floor, out-side, four booths down, calligraphy Beilang As well as room and car park management, civil and military remodeling Weng Shi Zhong, Ma Shi Shi Yang, Dan Hu, Grave pave the courtyard, cement channels, such as ancillary facilities. Per mu yield of the tomb covers an area of hills, the construction of the ancient Zhuang Yan, the towering wall of green trees, green grass Yin-cheng, a beautiful quiet environment. Front of the cemetery, "Miriam the door", 7.5 meters high, built of white granite, Wang Corinthians, "Ming Chen Qingli," after the "upright impartiality and integrity"; Mountain Gate at the front door and were engraved with the couplet: "cross the bridge Li folk songs are not political benefits, flying dragon and phoenix ever brush Xunye cover article," and "allegiance to the country prosperous There are three suicide poem Yang Yu-ming Temple end, Lee Wai Man Wan-an-related exploits Luoyang Qiao risk-free "and" traitors frighten the public and the soul is to stay the course of events through the ages , Cheng Li-Cheng Zude 10,000-spectrum Forever, "Cai Xiang expressed his later life to the noble character and its evaluation of the achievements and admiration. Rehabilitation of the cemetery, according to President of the Philippines and the World Stratford, vice president of the Sangha Council Rui this (the descendants of Cai Xiang) hearing the news, special Congratulates speech. CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman Zhao personally wrote the Cai Xiangling Park "and" Forest of Stone Tablets. "Total length of 134 meters," Beilang calligraphy ", a total of 134 inscriptions, engraved Song Cai Xiang-based calligrapher of the four-kai, the grass, Li 12,600 words, for now, Fujian Province There's largest Forest of Stone Tablets. "Ming-side floor," Cai Xiang a plastic statue in the main hall, with calligraphy exhibition hall for You Visit.

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