Sunday, December 7, 2008

Three national forest park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three national forest park is located in the city of Sanming in Fujian Province, the area with a total area of 4573 hectares, with King and convenient traffic, and many attractions in the park, a unique landscape. Park is divided into 8 scenic characteristics, that is, Grignard copy of eco-tourism zone, Hill writing fitness and leisure areas, Hengkeng spa area, pre-rock area to watch the trees, Pu Shan Buddhist tourism Light District, Zhuzhou and entertainment district on the water, Zhong Shan Heritage Tourism District, Lin Fa Shan Road 8, and other resort spots. C.kawakamii especially eco-tourism zone covers an area of 1125 hectares, is the world's largest pure grid tree Castanopsis community, known as "rare" and "Green Pearl." Park Forest vegetation protection Well, there are 190 vascular vegetation is ll00 Section 700 species, 95.3 percent forest cover, rich in tourist resources. Babel has a quiet garden, azalea garden, orchard Jane, three Zhulou, Khao Wang trees, forest adventure, a castle in the air, five water lake, the generals race (the site), the tree of life and death, the habitat of migratory birds Hill area, as well as writing, Lin Fa Shan, Xian Yan Peng, Pu Shan Buddhist scenic resort, the Department of Shaxi drifting resort, Zhuzhou and entertainment district on the lake, and other scenic spots in various 50. In addition, the formation of Georgia's forest copy of the history of the peasant uprising in the late Ming DENG Mao-seven leaders of the camp, General Chai, 18 million years ago, ancient people living Wan Yan Remains loyal village folk culture and folk legend anecdote and cultural temple, CAO Yuan at the end of the Qing Dynasty, ancient soil, and other cultural fort.

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