Friday, January 9, 2009

Tieshan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Tieshan Forest Park from the city up to 23 kilometers, covering an area of more than 4 acres in 1992 by the Sichuan Forestry Department for approval of the provincial forest park. Hua Ying Shan is located in the northern section of the north-Dabashan Aura's Bang Bo in the south of condensate Qiaoba Qiao Hua Ying Shan, across the village, Weir, emerging, you Tangdeng township, in central north-south Daxian, County divided into two parts, East and West, which rise amid permanent peaks, vast Lin. ?? ?? Tieshan north-south extension of the mountain, exposed Triassic siliceous hard brown sandstone, stone color, such as iron, named Tieshan. The average elevation of 900 meters, the highest peak towers 1063 meters above sea level. The main peak of a tower peaks, cliffs angle, Hill Blade, the Eagle's Nest Fairy cap, such as the Eagle's Nest small, steep peak body, to be opened in order to climb along the stone on top. Million Dollar Baby will be the top, overlooking the east, Barry panoramic view of mountains and rivers; extreme head to the west, in Sichuan hills come and go, and stretches thousands of miles. ?? ?? access to the sea of clouds and watch the sunrise, the three major tours Snow is Tieshan wonders.

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