Friday, January 9, 2009

Alondra scenic tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Alondra scenic areas as a result of Tower Hill Alondra (also known as Yu-Shan and India) on the tower named after Alondra, Alondra tower in Sichuan Province is a key cultural relics protection, according to legend built by Lu Ban. But as far as cultural relics research department, the tower was built in the Tang Dynasty years. Twelve Qianlong (1747) by the year Edition "Florida Chi Meanwhile map," Hill Alondra have been drawn map, as one after another 18 Qing (1813) and fourteen Guangxu (1888) two-year conversion. Bottom floor area 57.4 square meters, 15 meters thick at the end, the outer 6 m long, 26.7 meters perimeter. There are flowers on each floor brick canopy, with the exception of a major since the bottom of the door, the rest of the layer are 8 small window 4. Top with a large cast iron pot closure After the Millennium wind rain and snow, stainless is not bad. Just a plethora, overlooking cities, the floor little impact. ?? ?? Hill Alondra a large solitary peak, Qiao Li River, "Shu LONG claw," a pit Yamashita, known as Tam Alondra. Under the bill bird's-eye view, the rippling blue waves, Baigezhengliu, fascinating. Chan said there are ancient poetry: India Linhe Zhenjiang Yu Bin, Miao Ying Yamagata God. Shen-ha, one soul, Chihiro Bilang Dragonscale. Guo large well-known writer in 1937 on Alondra Hill, overlooking Phoenix Mountain, Hui Hao Shu feelings: "Mr Hill of the Phoenix winding, climbing Alondra For days," Wing this nirvana. In 1968, the People's counties and cities also reached out to a special fund for maintenance of the nine have been rotten The wooden stairs, in 1989 formally open to visitors. In 1994, outside the town of West Dachuan Shi by the People's Committee, Dachuan Shi Hongsheng Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. exclusive rehabilitation Alondra morning sun temple in the mountains. Is now complete (Kuan Yin Temple), and so on Jieyin Dian Hall, facilities Zhaifan Hall, Xiao Chibu flavor, Park also built one after another. Incense is strong, attracting nearly 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the Dachaoshan pilgrims pray at the same time, also received from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Singapore and other countries for tourists, hundreds of thousands of years, traffic has reached more than 000.

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