Friday, January 9, 2009

Direct wave Tibetan stone house - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tibetan stone house in the more than 2000 years ago during the Qin and Han dynasties on the prevalence of?????to form a scale in the Sui and Tang dynasties and the size of the Jinchuan Zheng Chao Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty period. For the first water-resistant, animal customs, storage and use of residence, then toast for the development of Tibetan stone house Guanzhai, Tibetan stone house circles, feng shui and Tibetan stone house fighting four major Tibetan stone house. Among a number of Tibetan stone house up to war, warning into Tibetan stone house, ears , The main Tibetan stone house, built in traffic, pass ridge, cross rivers or open field of vision Strip, in time of war to fuel Lang Yan, shots, flag, wind angle, and other means to transmit orders report to the police.
Barkam Songgang in the township, nearly 30-meter-high wave straight Diaolou (two) and the composition of the Diaolou Songgang Guanzhai good scenery. Meandering Road and river water in the crawl at the foot of them. The terrain is relatively open so that the towers is particularly magnificent.
Diaolou straight wave, known as the essence of building stone tablets, in July 2001 for the fifth included in the national key cultural unit. Diaolou according to the two north-south distribution of the mountain, more than 50 meters apart. South bend Suomo Mo west trench foot, and Songgang Guanzhai across the river. Direct wave was outside the octagonal towers, which were round. South seven Tibetan stone house 29 meters high, six-storey Tibetan stone house north 24.7 m, Tibetan stone house two distinct edges and corners, such as the formation reduction wall. According to research, direct wave Tibetan stone house built by the middle generation, still has a solid.

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