Friday, January 9, 2009

Fall Shuzheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuzhaigou Shu Zheng Shu Zheng falls in the upper reaches of the Hai group that ran the Shuzhengzhaiqian side of the road. Falls 62 meters wide, 15 meters high, is into the ditch to see the first waterfall, Jiuzhaigou is the smallest of the four major falls in a. Although the smallest, but it can travel at the beginning of the human soul-stirring Jiuzhaigou. Along the upper reaches of the lake bank Man Liu Department, was divided into countless trees in the water flow unit, the final pool to the top of the waterfall Shuzheng Yabian Hill, pour down, scattered water, form the elegant expression, tolerance of a big-curtain. Falls fall, come together to form the current Wang Zuoce a surging torrent. Whitecaps rolling down has been a jump Runs off the mill and constantly push the lower reaches of Mill and turning round wooden houses.

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