Friday, January 9, 2009

Jiuzhaigou? Primeval forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuzhaigou a large area of primeval forest, is on the top groove at the end of an Office of the virgin forest is a part of it. Outside the forest, walking at the foot of deep soft moss leaves of fresh, fragrant nose Xiuzhuo humid air, ears listening to birds and Greenfield, who Fu Zhuo Lin wild mountain breeze and watching the eyes of verdant forest, swim Came to like another world, suddenly have a refined sense of extraordinary. Cang, such as branches and leaves and forest cover, Zhetianbiri, forest filled with the aromatic resin. Can be found on the ground covered with wild animals. Into the forest there are back-to-nature, a sense of isolation, Jiuzhai vegetation, sunny lower part of the Chinese pine, oak trees, lush spruce, the lower slope Shan, Qi tree, birch, fir forest, for the upper mountain shrub and alpine meadow.

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