Friday, January 9, 2009

Changhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuzhaigou largest Hai Zi - long the sea. Changhai 3060 meters above sea level, covering an area of 300,000 square meters, the top 4450 m, 7.5 km in length, 44.57 m depth, the depth of up to 80 meters. Chang-hai is the son of ancient glaciers, it does not have the outlet, on moraine-block into a lake, south of Changhai Chuan Xuefeng snow on the long sea-water, so that long for the sea, "dissatisfaction with the equipment, leaving the leak gourd Bao", whenever the summer and fall season, a long blue color of sea water, non-polluting liquefied petroleum gas vessel can carry you a long wide sea In cruising, the sea surface of the long winter will end on the thickness of 60 cm of ice, a long time and has become a sea of ice Yang. Long beach all the year round with a stand of "one-armed elderly Parkinson's," Legend of a long sea monster from time to time, and the old guard Bo Chang-hai, hai for a long mysterious add a little color, "one-armed elderly Parkinson's," in fact a tree, Due to years of weathering, it is a strange development of the horizontal tree, no tree on the left-Ya, right Zhangzhexuduo Qiu Sheng-chi, in the aesthetic known as the "tree flag." Friends of the sea platform in the long walk back, we can see evidence of the formation of a long sea "ice boulder," We can go down this path along the cliff about 10 minutes, they had to Wucai Chi.

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