Friday, January 9, 2009

Miya Luo Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China's largest red leaves Miya Luo scenic landscape in the area, which is located in Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang autonomous rationale Island County, backed by snow-capped mountains, in the face of the basin, is in Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong travel in the middle of the line from Chengdu City, 263 km. Scenic areas with a total area of 3688 square kilometers, well-known than the North Xiangshan leaves more than 180 times as large scenic areas, China is now open and found the largest and most spectacular scenery of a red leaves scenic area. "Miya Luo" is the Tibetan language, means "the Haoshua Bazi", is located in the Zagunao tributary of the Minjiang River valley area. "Zagunao" Tibetan is also the "good fortune". Scenic mountains with continuous, vertical and horizontal river, the pleasant scenery, especially when the wind's effect, with scenic areas along the river valley Zagunao the two sides in a dense forest of maple, maple tree, birch, pine Liriodendron, such as larch Gradually by frost, the leaves become stained by the beautiful bright red and golden yellow. At this time, Wan Shan Hong Bian, do storied dye, 3 00 square kilometers of leaves, flowers in full bloom, such as red wave of pan-tao, Dan Golden Stream, 3000, 3000, decorated with red leaves land to become a great spectacle. Erdaogou 3300, 3300 Liang, Gou Gou has red leaves, snow has Gou Gou, Gou Gou Quanyong there. Hill was to cover up red leaves, red leaves water dip, the Dow was red leaves Cheng, a Cucu, a round fired into the fall Miya Luo flames. Snow-capped mountains, hot springs, forests, leaves, Tibetan and Qiang culture, a wonderful dream red corridor. Scenic area surrounded by red leaves in the lives of Tibetan and Qiang people, its simple customs and practices of the nation, majestic ancient castle Danzhai, and the Qiang Leather coat, the Tibetan belts of coral, highly characteristic of Tibetan and Qiang ethnic restaurants and construction, gorgeous costumes, strong happy, "Zhuang pot" dance, constitute a great national culture and customs of the Tibetan and Qiang corridor. Miya Luo Scenic Area in Sichuan rationale for the seat of the county, the territory of undulating hills, deep gorges, deep history and heritage of God Canyon of life, but also a place worth visiting. From the territory of Zagunao string up Miya Luo River Red, Hot Springs ditch Gul, Partridge Snow Hill, Bi Penggou, gentian ditch Falls, Cangzhai Qiang villages, Buddhist temples, such as landscape, very harmonious. Launched in November this year, Miya Luo ski project. County traffic rationale for the tenth Convenience, relying on State Road 317 from County Line through-and-ride from Chengdu to the only rationale for the county more than 3 hours. Memo travel transport: from Chengdu by the National Highway 317 to Miya Luo Red Line area, better traffic conditions, Chengdu and Dujiangyan City, Simon station every day to Miya Luo two classes of long-distance bus Road about 6 hours. Miya Luo leaves the area very convenient transportation, its springs, such as leaves and the main scenic spots in the 317 national road near the line, major roads and scenic He Kan Hung original state, Zoige, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Temple connected to constitute Jiuzhai -- Huanglong - prairie - Miya Luo tourism circle. Live : At present, there are justifications for the county the size of hotels, guest houses more than 30, more than 50 hotels, on the reception capacity of 2,000 passengers. Miya Luo leaves until the end of 10 months in order to see a lot, because Miya Luo average of about 3500 meters above sea level in, so do be done before the detailed preparatory work to bring a raincoat Cold-proof clothing. Restaurant features: Tibetan possession of a burnt meal steamed, pickled cabbage side block, mountain vegetables, Tibetan bacon, sausage, Zhutui incense, wine suck, and so on. There are restaurants Qiang Yang Yu (potatoes) Ciba, mountain vegetables, home-style bacon, Hong Zhutui, corn cake, the silver wrapped rice, buckwheat noodles and pickled cabbage noodles, wheat wheat wine). ?? Yu: Seabuckthorn natural drinks, wild vegetable products, plastic sign red leaves, red leaves wine series. Tibetan handicrafts have Yao Dao, cigarette case, the hot pot, belt, Toupa, jewelry. There are crafts Qiang: The footwear and so on (embroidered shoes), insoles, Toupa, Wei Yao.

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