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Aba Great Jiuzhai Minjiang tourism drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aba Great Jiuzhai Minjiang River Tourism Co., Ltd. Main drift of the "Long March on the road in the first drift" since the Red Army in Wenchuan beyond the bridge 7 groove, the whole 9 km with a total drop of 20 meters, Sichuan Province, is currently the longest mileage of drifting, drifting experience The most passionate atmosphere of drift motor travel, to fill the A-ba motor drifting tourism project Blank.
Jiuzhai out of the West, return to Chengdu, will be along the Songpan, Maoxian, the three Wenchuan county, "Long March on the road in the first drift" of the terminal at Kai, was in the Battle of the Red Army Yanmenguan the battlefield, standing in Wenchuan County and the city of Red Army Next to the monuments, drifting through the Red Army was fighting off the Red Army River, the terminal arrived in Wenchuan County of 7 trenches, the whole 9 km, drifting time 30-50 minutes, at little cost on the way, never turn back-pass without trouble, which is very convenient itinerary can be said to be on the way to a pleasant Jianlai, Minjiang hug, dance and wave, drift through the Red Army was robbed of the Minjiang, the experience I think that the group will not miss this opportunity.
Said Kai drifting Wenchuan County town of Point Terminal Red Bridge, I tell you to the Red Army two years ago of a bridge crossing the Minjiang story:
May 16, 1935 by Xu Xiangqian, Wang Shusheng led by the Red Army 27 Division 9, 30 Red Army 8 division from the south close to Maoxian Wisconsin (Wenchuan County city), county Tuanzongxuying Bo Jiang Fei, vice-collar South Tuanzong Zheng Tuanding fled to a small number of Minjiang River in the West Bank and the fate Tuanding Minjiang and Tuojiang Bridge Bridge (this Zagunao River ) Cut off in a vain attempt to cut off the channel crossing of the Red Army. May 23, the Red Army stationed in Wisconsin, brought in for bamboo Bamboo rope, in Wisconsin, such as carpentry Li made with the assistance of more than 10 people on June 7 2 bridge repair, so that the Red Army's main crossing into the north Fan Li. KMT for the West to stop crossing of the Red Army, sent aircraft bombed bridge, up to 24 sorties a day. July 5 at Minjiang Bridge was severed. Red iron in the town, the slope by group Assistance from the slope by the mountain to cut bamboo, Ping Sang in the dam day and night in time for bamboo rope, and 7 days to repair the bridge to protect all the main crossing. In 1956, the bridge turned into a cable bridge, and has been Wenchuan County as a youth education in patriotism and monuments always kept down. 2004 Wenchuan County Commission, the county government for improving the Great Jiuzhai "red plus green" travel considerations, the development of investment projects drift to fill a major tourist Jiuzhai Link drifting large red tourism projects blank because the early 20th century??????Long March in writing this feat, so this Flow naturally as the "Long March on the road in the first drift"!
"Long March on the road in the first drift," is not only??????and commemorate the memory of the Long March, at the same time as a special tourism projects red, it tastes great. You take it on a self-challenge, to conquer the natural platform; it You waves between the Valley was a new experience; it allows you to the new historical conditions, the Red Army savor snow-capped mountains to climb, over the grass, the Minjiang River Crossing fearless spirit; it makes your life will be tough!
Dear Friends of the Mission, at this point, maybe you plan to experience a "Long March on the road in the first drift , But it is worried about the safety of it? In fact, this worry is unnecessary. "I drift along the Long March" by experienced, skilled sailor steering, because they are the first from China's Hunan Zhangjiajie drifting drifting Maoyan He's separation from the ranks of sailors, that section of river rafting Sichuan Provincial Communications Department by the experts carried out a rigorous assessment of the security and safety permits issued, "the Long March on the road in the first drift," the use of rubber boats is currently the most advanced purpose-built boat drifting at the same time, the insurance company to assume the 100,000 yuan per person for insurance money, "Long March on the road in the first drift" stop wave Zhou, narrowly, with full insurance factor, I would urge the group at ease.
As the saying goes well, all the better to hear it a try, you tour members, such as Che Xingzhi Wenchuan, the experience may wish to experience the "Long March on the road in the first drift," the feelings of passion filled, the pump wave of the Minjiang River and to stimulate the pleasure! Red aftertaste 20,000 That's the first journey of a thousand miles long march of the heroic epic!

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