Friday, January 9, 2009

Wolong sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

2215 meters above sea level in Wolong Sea, 22 meters deep. Legend has it that in ancient times, in the vicinity of Heishui He's Black Dragon. Jiuzhai each year honors people only 99 days of precipitation. Bailongjiang sympathy for the people of the White Dragon, want to send Jiuzhai Bailongjiang water, was to block Black Dragon, the dragon fight, White Dragon Tilibuzhi into the lake, the mountains of God Surrender to the Black Dragon. But while the White Bailongjiang return to power, then in the course of time into a long lake bed Huanglong. People miss it, this is called the sea Wolong sea. Wolong around the sea covered with trees and flowers of different colors, a green spring and summer, autumn wind from time to time, full embankment Autumn, the red leaves on trees reflection of Huguangshanse Beautiful. Wolong seabed there is a yellow milk of calcium carbonate sediments, like the shape of a dragon Shen lying in the water, life. Calm lake, through the clear water, as a sleepy Wolonghe the bottom and let people enjoy; breeze lake breeze, the ripple off again, as if in the body Long Xu Peristalsis, slightly stronger winds, rough waves in the lake, Wolong's like being awakened, chasing its tail; if the strong mountain breeze, calm lake broken moment, Shashi Wolong will disappear without a trace. Wolong is a slim, sleek sea-blue lakes, a typical representative of a very strong heart of a magnificent blue. The lake water out of fashion, the details quiet , As a smooth, crystal clear sapphire, caught the attention of visitors.

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