Friday, January 9, 2009

According to bar Kamiyama Zhaga - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to bar Kamiyama Zhaga 4400 meters above sea level, standing at the bar, such as Ma Road at the end. Kamiyama is said to the Lord of mountains, on the 15th of the lunar month to worship Hill on March 15, and Ma Chi Festival, held here. Believers in groups, some on horseback, some on foot, along a counter-clockwise direction around the rotation Kamiyama, Peter Buddha bless. ?? ?? bar Kamiyama Zhaga according to the vicinity of many scenic spots, such as a recent Falls bar is red into the pool. Kamiyama, such as waterfalls in the bar halfway up the mountain in the dense forest. Feibaochuanlin out of the cliff fall, was intercepted four steps into Diepu 4. Jiuzhai Shenshui as Tibetan. ?? ?? Chi Hung as a result of weeks Mountain named after the red soil showed that Kamiyama is located in Shan mountains to the path of a ridge, was seen as the Tibetan sacred pond. If the bar-bar-Lindau is located on the bridge, such as road side by mountains, forest roads with a total length of 500 meters, on the road over pine needles, Piaomiao rosin, its winding streets is to walk through the forest to the Miao.

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