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Eight Taishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eight of the township is located in the eastern part of the landscape as a result of descending the stairs into a layered, there are as many as eight, eight named Taishan. The main peak 2348m, for the second peak in east Sichuan.

Taishan Mountain for eight limestone mountain. Colorful and diverse scenery in the region, into Mountain View, Feng Jing, Cliff King, King of Health, the King Air as one is City of its natural beauty is one of the most attractive scenic spots.

  Eight Taishan in the mountains above the stands, high and steep majestic, towering momentum. Around the deep valley, 1500 amounted to a peak elevation 1700m. Standing on the summit, at the foot of the mountains and downs, such as Bo Tao seems that stretches thousands of miles. South-west of the White River tributary, the Valley Wide, on the development of up to 100m elevation of the relatively isolated limestone hill 36, scattered mixed, the shape of chess pieces, so that Qipanshan, which is unique in the limestone hills of Sichuan Province group landscape.

Eight Mount Taishan, also known as the new eight, with the exception of the main peak, there are peaks Laoba Taiwan, Du Xiufeng, Female Peak, and so on. Feng taper end, it seems like pen tower. Gufengwuli, clouds entanglement, when the time is now hidden, and endless changes. Eight on the eastern side of Taishan, a steep cliff. It is estimated that the cliffs as high as 1300 a 1500m, for the Emeishan She Shenya 2-3 times. Prachuab might be called the first cliff. In addition to the main peak of cliffs, in eight rural Pass on the left side of the mouth between, there are cliffs the 1000m deep. Cliffs, such as cutting, look no bottom, cliff variety of colors, such as the enormous frescos.

  Taishan in the eight over 1500m above sea level, are Manshanbianye low shrub sea buckthorn, autumn and winter, the sea buckthorn fruit red, the red mountain. At Peak to pull over 1800m is another scene, large leaves and long, about 1m of bamboo (Polygonum bamboo leaf) forest green all the year round, through the Congcong, height, 10,000 ares like wheat fields. Preliminary estimates there are 40,000 mu Peak bamboo wood, bamboo wood Sichuan This is the largest area, but also to attract the best eight Taishan King's Health. Mountain breeze blowing, Zhuhai 10,000 ares long wave light, vibrant, it is away. Hydropower in the east of the mouth, there is a large rhododendron forest, including 100 acres, late spring and early summer, azaleas in full bloom, pink azaleas and backed with Zhuhai to form a "green piece of a pair of red," the charming scene. Taishan eight tall majestic, lofty cliffs, the Meteorology Series. Sea of clouds, sunrise, Buddha, fog-lan, a combination of snow, which is the largest in East Sichuan Gas King of the area, known as the "Sichuan Emei." "Bashanyeyu Qiuchi see" a poem that summarized the Daba Mountains region of the characteristics of a rainy night. In the night after the weather High-altitude cloud. If the day did not dawn on the Peak, will see the dawn of the night to disperse a magnificent scene: a ray of hope across the sky thick, dark night on both sides to quickly retire, then people will be surprised to discover that they are not standing on top of the hill, But floating in the sea of clouds, the endless sea of clouds, such as rolling waves, Flow and diarrhea. At this time you will feel the "clouds" of fun. Sea of clouds and exposed the top of the hill, such as the drift of the green Sin Temple, an instant, a sea of clouds in the rays at the end of spurting out to the sky to earth, the sea of clouds to an infected Kam Fai. Suddenly, a red sea of clouds from the end of the jump out brilliant colors. The sun gradually rising, the earth started a busy time. In early afternoon, the sun West Ramp, on the eastern side of the bottom of the clouds along the cliffs rising Xu-xu, Yabian stand at this time if we can see a circular or semi-circular ring of colorful, bottom-up floated to you This is the Buddha.

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