Friday, January 9, 2009

Jiuzhaigou? Wu Huahai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"I never Jiuzhaigou" and "the essence of Jiuzhai" Wu Huahai's reputation, ditch Kongquehe is located on the upper reaches of the end.


You Lin along the path along the cliff, go downhill all the way through You Lin, Wu Huahai arrive soon. Wu Huahai on the west side of the bypass, there is a path along the cliff to enjoy Shui-Guang Autumn is the best point. You This can be in porphyrin. To continue the path along the cliff along the northbound, arrived on the north shore of the Wu Huahai. An open, gentle slope quickly to the fatigue of the end of the stack. This is the outlet of the Wu Huahai Road and the junction Kongque, built on a trestle. Trestle on the south side of the lake, gorgeous color, Molv, Borland, Wong Chui of mixed color Tantalum pay a ten-color light, color wings like a peacock; trestle on the north side, bend like a hole in head and neck reputation, took the top three old trees like Ling. From here the following Kongquehe known as the Road. Kongquehe along the left bank of the Road northbound, about 100 meters, crossing the river will be on the road to the mountains. Wu Huahai looking down the road from this, the scenery is even more wow. Wan Shan Road to the southeast, on the south side of East Wu Huahai to the highest point, there is a huge rock, known as the Tiger Stone. Tiger stood looking down on the stone, Wu Huahai can observe the whole picture.

Wu Huahai various scenic spots of Jiuzhaigou is the most exciting one. Surrounding hills, shrouded in autumn after a Xuan The Autumn, rich color, attitude million, Jiuzhai to dominate. Wu Huahai of the most colorful on the outlet in the vicinity of the lake, woven into a colorful Zhu Zhu Jin, such as the golden flame. Calcium carbonate with the quality of water, and the chlorophyll content of different aquatic communities, the role of the sun, the colors, turned into a round, a , Blue, Molv, Wong Chui. Cong Lin shore, Orange Red Green reflected on the pool, a colorful, wooden sink and water, plants Dianran each other, the United States and its Youmiao, so named Wu Huahai. Jiuzhai said: Shen Chi Wu Huahai is that the water where Saxiang, where spent Lin Fan, the beautiful and rich.

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