Friday, January 9, 2009

Quxianhanque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Quxianhanque China's existing hand on the ground as early as age, to preserve the integrity of the structure of the building remains Fangmu. National only 29 Han Que, there Quxian 6 7, in the two territories Yanfeng River Township is less than 10 kilometers next to the ancient Yi Dao, known as "Han Que town" reputation. It is not only a wealth of sculpture content The exquisite carving techniques and skills of construction practices, but also great historical, artistic and scientific value. In the age of 60 was announced as the People's Republic of China State Council, China's major cultural units. There are relatively well-known Feng Huan Que, Shen Fu Jun, Que. ?? ?? Que Feng Huan Zhao Rural Township is located in the village of Quxian soil. Eastern Han Dynasty Light year (121 years) to build. For the original two-Que, Que is the only east of the main part of the Department of Que. By Queji, who Que, Fang-layer, referred stone floor brackets, the roof of 6 parts, 4.38 m high pass. Fangmu for the structure of the building. Who are inscriptions Que positive "so Shang Shi Lang Yuzhou in Henan Province to Beijing You Zhouci Shi Feng Shi Jun Shinto" Que on Fangmu-like structure, the pane, and the brackets Taotie relief and so on are beautiful shape, carved. ?? ?? Que is located in Shen Fu Jun Han Heung Quxianhanbei Tingcun. Yan Guang years, the Eastern Han Dynasty (122-125 years) to build. Quxianhanque are the only two-Que, Que son has been destroyed. Two Que 21.62 meters apart, were high .84 Meters. Two-Que basically the same body, by Queji, who Que, Fang-layer, referred stone floor brackets, the roof of 6 parts. Que who are inscriptions positive. Eastern carved Que, "Han Yezhe Beitun Sima are left waiting Shen Fu Jun Shinto," Que carved West, "Han Xinfeng Du Wei Shen Fu Jun Jiaozhi to Shinto." Wen are the top two Queming Juan Zhu , And degrade the lower end of the gluttonous. East Que floating inside a Blue Dragon, West Que relief inside a white tiger. Que two birds with 1.40 Book House, surrounded by the Han Dynasty for the production of social life and scenes of animals and plants of relief. An air of a lively, realistic, simple shapes, and beautiful.

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