Friday, January 9, 2009

Season the sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Caichi down from the go, quickly reached the season on the sea. Up and down season with the sea water, and the quarter and changes in the autumn, rainfall, high water, winter and spring, gradually lower the water level until early summer, or even all of the lake dried up lake bed covered with grass and become the oxen and horses grazing land . , The next quarter A long distance between the sea, each with its own characteristics. Next season is the most water-color blue, transparent, just like the bright blue ink. Lake side of the road, a large number of plant height of trees, in the fall, the leaves yellow black heart, looked far from Ilex golden light. Next season, leaving the sea along the mountain road to go downhill, full of color on both sides of the Storied. On the left side of the road is a small valley, the valley full of makeup Shen Yan Cai Lin of the major contributing factor.

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