Friday, January 9, 2009

Reed Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuzhaigou into the first reed Hai Zi is the sea, "Reed Sea" 2140 meters above sea level, the total length of 2.2 kilometers, the lake is a swamp and a half. Sea reed problems, water birds fly, Biliuhe stream, Yang Cui shake Green, winding blank lines, flooding one good scenery. "Reed sea", the reed Dang Dang, a green, Xu Feng, the Green Wave and downs. Sough voice, lyrical euphemism, relaxed and happy people. Spring and summer season and a clean color with Reed, packed hole green; autumn and winter, Isshiki golden reeds, such as gold plate on a green, surprised people even could not believe the colors of nature could such a strong contrast. Flowering season is a scene of geese Rong Rong Lu Hua, Saoshounongzi, Niunie for state, set off layers of Xu Chao, attracted teams of egrets, ducks both. As a result of the whole reed in the sea, full of angry, percussive rhythm of a poem, and knock people's hearts.

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